Stories by Tam Harbert

Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad

It's a CIO's worst nightmare: You get a call from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), saying that some of the Microsoft software your company uses might be pirated.

Written by Tam Harbert19 Jan. 11 03:33

How to foster teamwork among techies

Collaboration is all the rage among corporate executives these days, which means IT is busy providing systems that turn that vague concept into a real business benefit. But what happens when it comes time for techies themselves to collaborate?

Written by Tam Harbert21 Dec. 10 04:57

Making the move to government IT

As wave after wave of corporate layoffs remake the American business landscape, IT managers find themselves wondering if they should consider a personal bailout strategy of their own -- government IT job.

Written by Tam Harbert08 April 09 23:25