Stories by Carol Hildebrand

Minding the Storage

Like death and taxes, there are some subjects that nobody wants to ponder for too long. Nonetheless, they happen whether we think about them or not. Data storage is a little like that. It's not a sexy topic, we know. But if your company wants to manage its information, it's inevitable

Written by Carol Hildebrand08 May 02 11:45

Putting Two and Two Together

Most businesses are home to scores of information systems that remain uselessly disconnected from one another. Until those systems are integrated, technology investments won't live up to your expectations.

Written by Carol Hildebrand08 March 02 09:41

Case Study: Knowledge Fusion

How the Tennessee Valley Authority's nuclear division saved time and money by integrating machine-maintenance knowledge and workflow processes

Written by Carol Hildebrand02 June 00 11:15

Turn Green

Patagonia finds environmental virtue is its own reward - and there are profits too.

Written by Carol Hildebrand17 Aug. 99 10:32

That's the Ticket

Ticketmaster brings the concert hall to your desktop.

Written by Carol Hildebrand22 June 99 13:32

The New Realm of the Coin

It's difficult enough for the average CEO to satisfy a board of directors - even tougher for a corporate turnaround specialist, who's bound to make some unpopular decisions. But how would you like to transform an ailing company while reporting to 535 people? Worse yet, 535 people much inclined to internecine bickering?

Written by Carol Hildebrand20 April 99 14:01

Walk the Walk

Got a problem with consultants? Stop complaining and put a little more muscle into managing them.

Written by Carol Hildebrand12 April 99 10:23

Making KM Pay Off

Knowledge management doesn't have to be squishy. Here's how to improve the odds that it'll benefit the business

Written by Carol Hildebrand09 March 99 17:35

Mapping the Invisible Workplace

EVERY COMPANY HAS THEM: PEOPLE WHO know things. And most of us know who they are. It could be Harry in the office down the hall, who talks to just about everybody. Or maybe it's Georgia in distribution, who controls access to the shipping database. Organisations function courtesy of a social network of employees giving, hoarding, influencing or accumulating information. From this network sprout the innovations that will produce the next money-making product or service. Although no company can survive without such a network, some companies are beginning to realise that they can profit by analysing these invisible communication links.

Written by Carol Hildebrand19 Jan. 99 11:51

IT and the Bottom Line

CFOs not only rely on IT to manage the enterprise's finances, they must also assess its value and in many cases oversee the function. A recent US survey outlines the top IT issues for finance executives; their Australian counterparts are likely to concur

Written by Carol Hildebrand29 Sept. 98 11:17

The Greenhouse Effect

Change is inherently messy. Isolating that messiness in a protected environment gives employees the freedom to experiment with new processes - and the opportunity to learn from mistakes without affecting the bottom line

Written by Carol Hildebrand26 June 97 12:23