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How 5G drove moves by Apple, Qualcomm and Intel

Apple and Qualcomm on Tuesday settled an acrimonious two-year legal dispute. Shortly afterward, Intel Corp said it will exit the smartphone modem chip business.

Written by Reuters18 April 19 09:08

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffer outages

Facebook said it restored services on Sunday after some users could not access its social networking site, photo-sharing network Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp.

Written by Reuters15 April 19 09:10

Alphabet's drone service takes flight in Canberra

​Google parent Alphabet's drone service made its first air delivery in North Canberra, Australia, on Tuesday after getting approval from the country's civil aviation authority.

Written by Reuters10 April 19 09:27

Amazon's Jeff Bezos will keep voting power following divorce

​ Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos will retain voting control of his entire $143 billion stake in the company under a divorce settlement with his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, who will own 25 percent of those shares, the couple said on Thursday, removing uncertainty over control of the online retailer.

Written by Reuters05 April 19 09:41

Facebook will block foreign ad-buying during election

​Social media giant Facebook said on Friday it would block electoral advertisements purchased outside Australia from being displayed here ahead of a national election due in May.

Written by Reuters05 April 19 09:29

New law could see social media execs jailed over terror streaming

Social media executives could spend up to three years in prison and their firms be fined 10 percent of their turnover if they fail to quickly remove violent material from their platforms, according to a new law proposed by the Australian government.

Written by Reuters01 April 19 08:31

Apple unveils streaming service, credit card

Apple has attempted to reintroduce itself as an entertainment and financial services company that also makes iPhones as it launched a streaming television service, a credit card and an online gaming arcade.

Written by Reuters26 March 19 08:56