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Imagination wants to add intelligence to smartphone chips

Specialized hardware needed to accelerate machine learning algorithms is moving out of the data center and into high-end mobile phones. Soon it could be in everyone's pocket, if chip designer Imagination Technologies has its way.

Written by Peter Sayer21 Sept. 17 21:44

Here's how to fix the future of the internet, suggests ISOC

From smart but sulky light bulbs to the Chisnovian data blockade, ISOC has imagined how the future of the internet might take a wrong turn, and makes recommendations for how we can set things right.

Written by Peter Sayer19 Sept. 17 07:13

Google invites private networks into its cloud

Google is offering enterprises a new way to build hybrid infrastructure, with a service that extends corporate networks into its cloud platform.

Written by Peter Sayer08 Sept. 17 04:43

This drone could help inspect flooded infrastructure

A drone on show at IFA in Berlin would need no authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority to play its part in relief efforts in Houston, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey.

Written by Peter Sayer02 Sept. 17 23:14

How to listen to music safely on a bike

Wearing headphones while cycling can be dangerous, even illegal. Instead, you can use a Bluetooth bicycle helmet or wearable speaker to listen to music or traffic directions safely while riding.

Written by Peter Sayer02 Sept. 17 21:06

Motorola X4: Four times the Bluetooth audio

Lenovo's new Motorola X4 smartphone is half the price of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8, but does at least one thing twice as well: stream audio to multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Written by Peter Sayer01 Sept. 17 07:53

UK seeks to limit Brexit effect on personal data flows

With a new round of Brexit negotiations beginning Monday, the U.K. is seeking to ensure that businesses sending personal information to or through the UK are not left stranded when the country leaves the EU.

Written by Peter Sayer28 Aug. 17 21:33

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