Stories by Martyn Williams

Nintendo profits fall for first time in six years

Nintendo saw profits fall for the first time in six years in the 12 months to March as lower demand for its Wii and DS devices, a lack of blockbuster games and the strong Japanese yen all put pressure on its business.

Written by Martyn Williams07 May 10 05:15

Sony to report first profit in 2 years

Sony is expected to next week report its first full-year operating profit in 2 years, according to a report in Saturday's Nikkei newspaper.

Written by Martyn Williams03 May 10 12:36

Japanese online stores stop shipping Apple products

Some of Japan's biggest online electronics retailers have stopped shipping Apple products, apparently at the request of the Cupertino, California-based company.

Written by Martyn Williams27 April 10 09:55

Sony to end floppy disk production

The floppy disk, already abandoned by most computer users, has been pushed closer to extinction by a Sony decision to end manufacturing of the storage media this early next year.

Written by Martyn Williams27 April 10 05:43

Sharp develops a 3D screen for mobile gadgets

Sharp will launch an LCD panel for mobile devices this year that can show images with the illusion of 3D without requiring viewers to wear special glasses.

Written by Martyn Williams02 April 10 19:59

Sony struggles with poor sales of the PSP Go

When Sony launched its PSP Go last year the company had high hopes. The device was supposed to help PlayStation Portable shipments increase by almost a million units for the year and spearhead Sony's digital download push into the portable gaming market. But things haven't gone according to plan.

Written by Martyn Williams18 March 10 00:44

Sony working on a 3D camera for consumers

Sony is developing a 3D camera that will give consumers the ability to create their own 3D content, the head of Sony's digital imaging business unit said Thursday.

Written by Martyn Williams11 March 10 19:57

SK Telecom crams Android, processor inside a SIM card

The SIM cards in cellular telephones might be smaller than a postage stamp and less than a millimeter thick but that hasn't stopped South Korea's SK Telecom from cramming all the major components needed to run Google's Android OS inside one of them.

Written by Martyn Williams17 Feb. 10 06:13

Toshiba unveils its TG02 smartphone

Toshiba's update on its TG01 multimedia smartphone has made a quiet debut at this week's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Written by Martyn Williams17 Feb. 10 03:55

Softbank pays US$20 million for stake in Ustream

Ustream, a service that provides live video streaming across the Internet, has attracted US$20 million in investment from Japan's Softbank and is planning an expansion into Asia, it said Tuesday.

Written by Martyn Williams03 Feb. 10 07:52