Stories by Greg Laugero

How 'Lean UX' can Improve application development

As the name implies, it emerges from the general popularity of Lean thinking, such as lean manufacturing and lean startups, characterized by a laser-like focus on finding business value. The goal of Lean UX is to find the quickest way to identify and design features that matter most to the target customer. As such it offers a new way to think about the application development process. CIOs and IT professionals can take advantage of Lean UX to deliver value faster.

Written by Greg Laugero06 April 12 02:00

How to create digital products that customers love

When it comes to building digital relationships with your customers - whether it's through a mobile app, a portal, or a new device--what matters is the user experience. Customers' loyalty (and the share of their wallets they devote to you) depends in large part on how they feel about your digital product or channel. Bad experiences hurt the brand and leave money on the table.

Written by Greg Laugero29 March 12 03:44