Stories by Khalid Kark

Analysts advise CIOs and employees make decisions together

Employees no longer rely on IT to provision and deliver technology. Data center functions are outsourced; workers increasingly use social media, mobile tools, the cloud, and video to bypass IT. Many CIOs are concerned they they're losing control of their domain. Welcome to the "empowered era."

Written by Khalid Kark01 Sept. 11 09:39

Building a business case for information security

If the economic downturn has proven anything, it's that many CISOs still struggle to articulate the value of their security programs and justify the security budget to business and executive management. Many helplessly watched their budgets slashed, their projects postponed, and their employees laid-off.

Written by Khalid Kark11 Aug. 09 04:20

Seven habits of effective CISOs

Today's CISO plays a pivotal role not only in defining technical standards and security policies, but also in assuring customers of the security of their data and validating security controls to regulators. Many are struggling with this transition because they have been given these responsibilities without any real authority or visibility within their organizations. They also need a new set of skills to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.

Written by Khalid Kark11 March 08 12:37