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A Pandemic Planner

What you can do to prepare.

Written by Katherine Walsh01 Nov. 06 14:22

What You Should Do About Tainted Goods from China and Other Global Supply Chain Risks

The US government warnings about tainted imports from China are ominous and ongoing. In July 2007 poisonous chemicals were found in toothpaste. This was just a month after imports of farm-raised Chinese seafood and lead paint in Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains were detained. And May had seen contaminated pet foods sicken and kill thousand of US cats and dogs. Now its humans, when earlier this month every parents' nightmare became a reality: Melamine contaminated infant formula poisoned more than 50,000 Chinese infants and resulted in at least four deaths.

Written by Katherine Walsh25 Sept. 08 09:50

Tips for Managing IT Risks

Scott Crawford, a security expert and research director with Enterprise Management Associates, offers his advice for minimizing security risks within IT

Written by Katherine Walsh20 May 08 11:42

Twelve Answers to Your Green IT Questions

The time has come for CIOs to get with green. But if you need help in figuring out how to make your IT operations more environmentally friendly, this article will provide you some help. Here are the answers to 12 fundamental questions around green IT.

Written by Katherine Walsh10 April 08 09:14

Secure Locations

Secrets aren't advertised; they are protected. The US government keeps some of the biggest secrets of all — the exposure of which might pose a threat to national security — in places where the name hides nothing: a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). But the buildings carrying the SCIF label are made to hide everything.

Written by Katherine Walsh24 May 07 10:14

Can IT Make Your Company Green?

Whether corporate sustainability initiatives stem from regulatory compliance or aim to boost the bottom line, IT plays a key role in supporting such efforts according to environmental IT experts from three global companies.

Written by Katherine Walsh16 May 07 13:54

A Few Tips for Staying Healthy in a Stressful Job

Australia is getting larger — not in land mass, but in body mass. Everyday we're starting to look more and more like our US cousins, which is a worry (more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight, according to a study conducted last year by the International Labour Office of the United Nations).

Written by Katherine Walsh07 Feb. 07 13:57