Stories by Owen Fletcher

China appears to block Google sites

Google Web sites including its English search engine became inaccessible in China late Wednesday, following the country's criticism of Google last week for serving up pornographic search results.

Written by Owen Fletcher25 June 09 01:25

Offshoring? Try China and India plus a third site

China may be rising as an offshoring destination, but many companies are outsourcing to multiple countries rather than just choosing between China and India.

Written by Owen Fletcher22 June 09 22:24

Fight against China's Web filtering software grows

A U.S. company that says its code was copied by a Chinese Internet filtering program has ordered more PC makers not to distribute the Chinese software.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 13:52

China warns Google over porn links

Google promised to step up control of "vulgar" online search results in China late Thursday, after a government-backed arbiter warned that its filtering of pornography was too weak.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 18:13

China orders Google to suspend foreign site searches

China has ordered Google to suspend its foreign Web site search service after warning that the company's filtering of pornography was too weak, state media said Friday.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 21:20

China to propose WLAN security standard for global use again

China will submit its wireless LAN security protocol to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for consideration as a global standard, years after its rejection by the standards body incensed Chinese backers.

Written by Owen Fletcher16 June 09 20:38

IBM steps up healthcare application work in China

IBM is expanding work on applications for use in Chinese hospitals after spotting an opportunity in the country's massive spending plan for healthcare reform.

Written by Owen Fletcher17 June 09 20:25

China's porn filter blocks Falun Gong sites

Internet filtering software that China plans to distribute nationwide blocks content related to a spiritual movement banned in China, despite government claims that the software targets only porn.

Written by Owen Fletcher12 June 09 16:54

IBM to expand railroad products from China center

IBM pushed further into the market for railroad management systems as it opened a base in Beijing for work on train maintenance and surveillance products.

Written by Owen Fletcher12 June 09 02:16

'Chinese Wikipedia' offers social networking too

A Chinese rival of Wikipedia that also lets users join groups and chat as they might on Facebook has drawn on those social elements to pull ahead of its competition.

Written by Owen Fletcher25 May 09 08:10

Lenovo profit down again as high-end sales suffer

Lenovo posted a greater quarterly net loss than in the previous three months as the world's fourth-biggest PC vendor began restructuring and continued to suffer from weak demand for high-end products.

Written by Owen Fletcher21 May 09 23:16

DNS attack downs Internet in parts of China

An attack on the servers of a domain registrar in China caused an online video application to cripple Internet access in parts of the country late on Wednesday.

Written by Owen Fletcher22 May 09 04:01

China clears bloggers who criticized government

Two Chinese bloggers separately detained for writing online about government corruption have had their charges dropped by police in recent weeks.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 May 09 15:38

Yahoo to open research center in Beijing

Yahoo has built a global research and development base in Beijing that it will formally announce next month, the company said Wednesday.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 May 09 21:37