Stories by Owen Fletcher

China will not enforce Green Dam porn filter plan

China said Thursday it will not force PC makers to bundle an Internet filtering program with computers sold in the country, backing down from a plan that stirred global controversy.

Written by Owen Fletcher13 Aug. 09 17:28

Hackers clash over China's rule in Muslim province

Pro-China and pro-Muslim hackers have clashed online in a series of attacks on Web sites triggered by deadly ethnic riots in China's Muslim region last month.

Written by Owen Fletcher14 Aug. 09 18:31

China's knock-off mobile phones copy, then innovate

Miniature iPhones, handsets that double as shavers and others shaped like packs of cigarettes are just some of the gray-market devices on sale at Chinese markets.

Written by Owen Fletcher18 Aug. 09 01:55

Yahoo China missing from Microsoft search deal

The search tie-up between Yahoo and Microsoft does not affect Yahoo's China properties, which are controlled by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, the group said Thursday.

Written by Owen Fletcher30 July 09 20:29

China iPhone pictures posted on news site

A Chinese news Web site has posted pictures that it claims show the iPhone model being tested for release in China, adding to expectations that the phone will launch there soon.

Written by Owen Fletcher31 July 09 16:30

World of Warcraft awaits China's approval to relaunch

The relaunch of the popular online game World of Warcraft in China, where it has already been offline for six weeks, still faces an indefinite delay as it awaits government approval for its content.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 July 09 17:31

China's Internet lockdown hurts local e-businesses

China has started restoring some Internet access to a province where it was blocked after deadly ethnic riots two weeks ago, but the outage has already taken a toll on local businesses.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 July 09 21:00

China's Internet users outnumber U.S. population

China's Internet users have surpassed the U.S. population in number, and more Chinese than ever are using e-commerce and accessing the Web through mobile phones, according to official statistics.

Written by Owen Fletcher17 July 09 14:32

Turkish government site hacked amid spat with China

An attacker who defaced the Web site of Turkey's embassy in China on Monday left behind a pro-China note as the two countries worked through a diplomatic spat.

Written by Owen Fletcher15 July 09 04:38

Open-source adoption faces extra obstacles in China

The uphill battle that open-source programs face to steal ground from proprietary software comes with added pitfalls in China, where problems like software piracy take away strengths that open source has elsewhere.

Written by Owen Fletcher16 July 09 04:38

Botnets infect fewer computers in China

The number of botnets and of computers controlled by them in China has fallen in recent years, though the country remains a top host for the networks of compromised computers, according to the government and independent researchers.

Written by Owen Fletcher10 July 09 21:17

Bing filters out sensitive results for Chinese searches

Microsoft's Bing search engine filters out some sensitive results from searches made in simplified Chinese, the script used to write the language in China, searches revealed Thursday.

Written by Owen Fletcher25 June 09 20:30