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Lenovo adds mobile phone details, posts profit rise

Lenovo's work on mobile phones with Google's Android operating system is focused on its high-end Lephone handset, but the company also wants to reach other price points, a company executive said Thursday.

Written by Owen Fletcher05 Feb. 10 06:28

China: We are biggest victim of cyberattacks

China on Tuesday denied any role in alleged cyberattacks on Indian government offices, calling China itself the biggest victim of hackers.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 Jan. 10 05:18

What Gmail hack? China spins news of Google threat

Chinese state media has spun Google's threat to leave China as a purely commercial move, as authorities there apparently work to limit discussion of human rights issues raised by Google.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 Jan. 10 08:11

China restores text messaging in cut-off Muslim region

China has restored mobile text message services in a Western province where they were suspended for months following unrest. Limited Internet access is also returning to the region.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 Jan. 10 08:18

Gmail of foreign journalists in China hijacked

The Gmail accounts of foreign reporters in at least two news bureaus in Beijing have been hijacked, a journalists' group in China said Monday.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 Jan. 10 06:36

China emphasizes laws as Google defies censorship

China said Thursday that foreign Internet companies are welcome to operate in the country in accordance with local laws, after Google defied authorities by saying it will end censorship on its Chinese search engine.

Written by Owen Fletcher15 Jan. 10 06:33

Timeline: Google's growth and censorship woes in China

Google this week said it would stop censoring search results on, its search engine for users in China, and that the company may exit China altogether. Google has had a bumpy ride in China, where it trails leading search engine by a large margin and has faced tough government censors. The below timeline tracks Google's history in China:

Written by Owen Fletcher14 Jan. 10 17:38

Sales growth highlights rise of China's Huawei

Huawei Technologies, the fast-growing Chinese vendor of communications network gear, reached global contract sales of over $US30 billion last year, the company said Tuesday, marking a rise of nearly 30 percent from the year before.

Written by Owen Fletcher05 Jan. 10 19:46

Apple resolved iPhone trademark conflict in China

The company that owned the trademark "i-phone" in China yielded it to Apple, the Web site of China's trademark office shows, removing what could have become a legal roadblock for the similarly named iPhone there.

Written by Owen Fletcher05 Jan. 10 00:44

AMD CEO sees 'immense' benefit from Intel settlement

The recent legal settlement between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices will bring new business to AMD and major benefit for its customers, the chip maker said Wednesday.

Written by Owen Fletcher02 Dec. 09 23:17

China warns about return of destructive Panda virus

A computer worm that China warned Internet users against is an updated version of the Panda Burning Incense virus, which infected millions of PCs in the country three years ago, according to McAfee.

Written by Owen Fletcher30 Nov. 09 06:23