Stories by Steve Duplessie

How venture capitalists destroy innovation

The IT infrastructure market in particular has been hit by an innovation drought since the IPO markets dried up around 2000.

Written by Steve Duplessie11 Nov. 13 14:29

Lessons learned from a cloud evaporation

Cloud provider Nirvanix went belly up. Even if you weren't one of its clients, you can learn things from that mess.

Written by Steve Duplessie09 Oct. 13 18:14

Is Microsoft the answer to the cloud quandary?

The company could rediscover relevance because it understands that the companies using its cloud services require flexibility first and foremost.

Written by Steve Duplessie30 July 13 11:08

From Marginalized to Virtualized

We've all heard the line about 'realigning IT with the business', which is sort of like saying we want our 'pivot to make better passes to the shooters' -- duh. But as crazy as that sounds, it's reality -- and it isn't getting better, it's getting worse.

Written by Steve Duplessie22 April 08 02:23

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here are some frightening realities: You can't buy any more power in the cities of Boston or Houston, and other cities are either on the tapped-out list or about to be. It doesn't matter if you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you can't buy any more. That, my friends, is a pretty harsh reality.

Written by Steve Duplessie23 April 07 14:35