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Apple's 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs

For many computer users, Apple has defined the personal computer industry, driven technology innovation, and changed the perception of personal computing.

Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson03 June 09 15:18

Apple's MacBook Air Laptop Has New Rival in Dell's Adamo

Rumors about a rival to Apple's MacBook Air first emerged a few weeks ago in the form of Dell's much anticipated Adamo. Yet although other big name companies like Toshiba, Samsung, HP and MSI have created their own slim laptops, there seems to be extra hype surrounding Dell's Adamo. The question is, will the Adamo, or even MSI's X-Slim Series X320, win this round as the thin laptop favorite?

Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson28 Jan. 09 08:29

Steve Jobs: Events That Kept the Apple CEO In the Spotlight

Being the CEO of a company worth more than US$100 billion makes a person newsworthy-especially if that CEO is Steve Jobs and that company is Apple. Maker of innovative technologies like the Macintosh, the iPod and the iPhone, Apple's reputation has also been shaped by its sometimes controversial front man, Steve Jobs.

Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson18 Jan. 09 03:55

Gen Y Tech Tools May Not Translate to the Real World

Gen Y'ers are used to checking their e-mail, Facebook updates, and texting friends and family whenever they want. But new university graduates might be in for a rude awakening when they join the workforce and find that many of the tools they view as essential aren't allowed or banned altogether.

Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson20 Oct. 08 15:20

Innovation Is Required to Succeed

Quality, teamwork, leadership, and accepting risks are some of the key factors that support innovation, suggests Neil Armstrong

Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson04 July 08 10:52