Stories by Keith Power

Optimising Optus

It's nine years since Optus rode into town and asked Australia to just say "yes". Much has changed in the industry - and at the company - since then. Keith Power profiles Optus now and its IT supremo.

Written by Keith Power07 May 01 14:28

A New Balance 2

At Bank of Queensland, a flexible IT architecture strategy is laying the foundation for growth.

Written by Keith Power15 Nov. 00 11:49

The No Frills Way

Supermarket chain Franklins made the headlines in late July with its well-publicised GST problems. But as Keith Power reports, that's not the only challenge the man in charge of IT in the discount giant has had to tackle.

Written by Keith Power04 Sept. 00 10:56

E in the City

Jim Delooze, the first CIO at outsourcer CSC, believes in ‘doing for thyself what thou art doing for others'

Written by Keith Power11 Aug. 00 14:00

Accounting for Change

Consolidating previously fragmented day-to-day financial functions required a major re-engineering effort at Mercantile Mutual. The new structure leverages personnel and financial systems more efficiently, but even more important, customers reap the benefits

Written by Keith Power07 July 00 13:44

Test Drive

To test or not to test? If you're building applications that support e-commerce, the answer is easy - albeit at a cost

Written by Keith Power31 May 00 16:02

Making Knowledge Mean Business

KPMG is in control of its knowledge assets with its digital dashboard - Kworld

Written by Keith Power06 March 00 10:31

Kalido Scope

Finding consistent business measures was literally a "shell game" until Shell Oil Products developed a made-to-order data warehouse and analytical engine

Written by Keith Power28 Jan. 00 13:19

Improving Your Outside Chances

In the mad rush to outsource are too many organisations neglecting to dot the ‘I's and cross the ‘T's when it's contract time?

Written by Keith Power01 Dec. 99 12:25

Intelligence at Work

Old databases and spreadsheets don't usually die. Unlike old soldiers, they don't even fade away. Plestel used BI to bring its legacy data into the modern era and provide its key decision-makers with competitive intelligence

Written by Keith Power06 Oct. 99 13:17

IT Takes a Village

Like many a show biz "overnight sensation", Joe Locandro put in the hard slog. After 12 years treading the boards as IT manager, he's now in the business spotlight as Village Roadshow's first CIO

Written by Keith Power06 Oct. 99 13:17

One Ringy Dingy...

The once-humble call centre is taking on strategic importance with the convergence of help desk, telesales and customer service operation

Written by Keith Power06 Sept. 99 16:19

A New Balance

It was an ambitious project, but Westpac's new technology infrastructure for financial management is paying off - big time

Written by Keith Power09 Aug. 99 15:22

Are you Getting Enough?

The annual CIO Salary Survey has a habit of throwing up a few surprises. This, its third year, is no exception, with the findings out of sync with the experiences, or at least claims, of management and recruitment consultants

Written by Keith Power25 May 99 11:54

Hi, Technology!

So you've just been introduced to your job as CIO and you're not exactly a technical wizard. To be successful, you don't have to pick up an engineering degree, but you do have to earn the respect of your IT colleagues

Written by Keith Power03 May 99 12:58