Stories by Brian Fonseca

Microsoft, EMC, Cisco join to secure government data

Microsoft, EMC and Cisco Systems on Tuesday jointly unveiled plans to build a system for sharing sensitive government data called the Secure Information Sharing Architecture (SISA) that will let various government agencies and their vendors securely share sensitive information.

Written by Brian Fonseca11 July 07 08:35

Banks Say Share of Credit Card Security Costs Is Unfair

A panel of financial services and retail executives this month disagreed on which side bears the brunt of the burden to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

Written by Brian Fonseca25 June 07 14:15

Storage Resource Management Gets Ignored

Many enterprise customers are dragging their feet on adopting and implementing storage resource management (SRM) offerings, leaving their IT environments in danger of data overruns, capacity planning woes and poor storage strategy execution, according to a study by Forrester Research.

Written by Brian Fonseca09 May 07 12:17

IT Trying to Work with Execs on Disaster Recovery

In his role as CIO, Steven Peltzman must ensure that the core systems of business groups in his organization are available when needed. He also recognizes that effective disaster recovery planning may require the prioritization of system availability - and some unpopular IT decisions.

Written by Brian Fonseca01 May 07 16:45