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New Stephen Wunker book tells how to create new markets

The business world is littered with examples of companies that failed to identify and enter new markets (think Blockbuster). And then there are those that do well in their core market, but because that area grows less relevant over time the companies find themselves at a dead end (think DEC).

Written by Nancy Weil08 July 11 04:29

Lockheed Martin acknowledges 'significant' cyberattack

Lockheed Martin Saturday night acknowledged that it its information systems network had been the target of a "significant and tenacious attack," but said that its security team detected the intrusion "almost immediately and took aggressive actions to protect all systems and data."

Written by Nancy Weil30 May 11 00:28

Book advises on jumping career ruts

Top-performing employees worldwide do three things well and consistently that set them apart and that can be emulated by anyone else who wants to succeed in their careers, according to a recently published book, <a href="">"Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success."</a> And willpower -- often held to be central to whatever changes we seek to make in our lives and careers -- is not part of the equation.

Written by Nancy Weil10 May 11 06:51

Six tips for career success

The authors of "Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success" offer these tips for career success:

Written by Nancy Weil10 May 11 06:52

Book explores traits of high-impact philanthropists

High-impact philanthropic efforts, from organizations such as the Bill &amp; Melinda Gates Foundation and Cisco Systems, that have the most success at solving societal problems, share a common set of characteristics: They keep their focus on a small core of issues, establish networks of like-minded individuals, corporations and nonprofits for those target areas, and understand that it's not just about giving money, a new book on philanthropy said.

Written by Nancy Weil15 April 11 03:39