Stories by Dr Marianne Broadbent

Who is entitled to be called ‘head of digital’?

Over recent months, I’ve worked with several organisations on roles encompassing either head of digital or chief digital officer (CDO), or where the relationship between the CIO and head of digital is critical. What is happening here?

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent16 Feb. 15 11:57

Deciding Factors

It's been nine months since we introduced the IT governance framework that combines three components: what decisions need to be made, who makes them and how they are enacted. But enterprises have different business governance arrangements. Our Gartner Executive Program CIO members wanted to understand more about what their IT governance should look like depending on different ways in which their enterprise was organised.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent09 Dec. 03 10:16

Playing by New Rules

CIOs are learning to manage a new set of externally generated risks.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent10 Nov. 03 10:46

Competing in the Network Era

Are you and your CEO ready for the fact that just about everything will become a node in a network?

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent08 Oct. 03 09:43

So Bill Me

IT costs are now highly visible and containing them is high on executive agendas

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent11 Sept. 03 11:06

A Pivotal Role

To effectively deliver on the CIO's six imperatives - lead, anticipate, strategise, organise, deliver, measure - CIOs need to really know their enterprise and their business environment

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent07 Aug. 03 10:25

The Heat Is On

Each year, EXP surveys our worldwide CIO membership about their top enterprise business trends, CIO management priorities and CIO technology priorities. An unprecedented 620 EXP CIOs responded to this year's survey, making it we believe the world's largest. The findings paint a challenging scenario for CIOs

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent11 June 03 11:56

A Clear and Present Objective

The joint research on IT governance between MIT Sloan and Gartner's CIO group, Executive Programs, has identified that organisations with good IT governance have different enterprise characteristics to those with poor IT governance.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent07 May 03 09:56

The Right Combination

Good IT governance means better business decisions

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent11 April 03 12:03

Stakeholders Matter

CIOs need to identify their many different stakeholders and actively manage them.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent10 March 03 11:37

The Soft Touch

CIOs and other IT executives need to embrace the importance of the soft side of leadership.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent05 Feb. 03 14:29

Getting Priorities Straight

Few initiatives are standalone IT projects any more. They are business initiatives with varying degrees of IT support so they need the wholehearted support of both business and technology executives. Prioritising projects is difficult, complex and contentious. To overcome this leading enterprises are adopting a formal prioritisation process that balances multiple evaluation criteria.

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent09 Dec. 02 11:38

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Every $1 invested in computers yields between $5 and $17 in stock market value. Whereas, $1 invested in property, plant and equipment (book value) only yields $1 in stock market value. And $1 investment in other assets (inventory, liquid assets and accounts receivables) yields only 70 cents. So say a distinguished group of researchers - Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT Sloan School of Management), Lorin Hitt (University of Pennsylvania Wharton School) and Shinkyu Yang (New York University Stern School). They set out to see whether a company's stock market valuation correlated with the size of its computer investments and its organisational practices. It does!

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent11 Nov. 02 10:25

IT Architecture Matters

IT architectures are enjoying a renaissance. CIOs are updating yesterday's architectures, or working on creating new ones. The reason? IT architectures promise benefits that are more sought after than ever. But they are not always easy to explain to your non-IT colleagues

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent09 Oct. 02 09:30

Get Real(time)

Recent stock market and corporate fraud upheavals and events of September 11 have emphasised just how critical it is to have processes which have leading, not lagging, indicators of market, customer, social and political conditions

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent06 Sept. 02 10:35