Stories by John Dix

New SDN events help bolster industry effort

This year is shaping up to be critical in the development of software-defined networking technology, and two new events are helping chart the way.

Written by John Dix25 Feb. 13 14:31

Opinion: Dell has its work cut out for it

Taking Dell private is a bold move, but won't ensure success. If you can't recognize opportunities and execute properly as a public company, buying yourself shelter from investors only takes you so far. The bigger challenge will be rejiggering the corporate culture and core processes to make more innovation possible.

Written by John Dix11 Feb. 13 11:55

Converging forces

Change is a given in this business, but 2013 promises to be particularly interesting because of the convergence of multiple, transformative developments, none of which are new, per se, given we have been tracking them in depth for some time, but each of which is forcing us to rethink long held conventions.

Written by John Dix14 Jan. 13 11:58

The multifaceted budget process

With the bulk of the IT budgets in place for 2013, it is a good time to reflect on how the budget process has morphed over the years to accommodate shifts in technology and evolving corporate demands and priorities.

Written by John Dix17 Dec. 12 11:59

Opinion: The approaching BYOD wave

This holiday shopping season is being powered in part by demand for electronics, including boatloads of new tablets and smartphones, most of which will wash into enterprises in early January in a veritable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tsunami.

Written by John Dix03 Dec. 12 11:59

Big Switch arrives

The march toward software-defined networking will be a long slog given current investments in the installed base, but industry forces are coalescing rapidly in anticipation of the huge benefits to be reaped from this fundamental shift in the way we build and run networks.

Written by John Dix19 Nov. 12 11:53

Huawei too dangerous to do business with?

The controversy swirling around use of Huawei telecom gear raises some interesting questions about the global nature of business and the future of cyberwarfare.

Written by John Dix22 Oct. 12 10:45

Cautious IT optimism, but way behind in BYOD

"Slow and steady" seems to be the watchword, with the bulk of IT shops responding to our latest "State of the Network" study saying their budgets and headcount will remain flat in the coming year.

Written by John Dix08 Oct. 12 10:46

ShorTel goes big in hosted VoIP: A Q&A with CEO Blackmore

ShoreTel, which made its mark in IP telephony by simplifying unified communications and reducing total cost of ownership, recently broke into the hosted VoIP business with the acquisition of M5. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with ShoreTel CEO Peter Blackmore to find out how integration of that company is going and where he is taking the company.

Written by John Dix02 Oct. 12 18:30

Fighting IT fragmentation

According to pundits a good percentage of IT spending is already out of IT's control and the trend calls for it to keep tipping away.

Written by John Dix24 Sept. 12 10:32

Getting the most out of broadband to back up MPLS

The problem with using broadband to back up branch office MPLS links is 1) you spend all that money on the pipes and most of the time they simply lie fallow, and 2) when MPLS does go down the failover process often takes so long it kills active sessions.

Written by John Dix18 Sept. 12 20:00

The security game changes when the bad guys are backed by foreign governments

Fidelis Security Systems has an interesting perspective on the world of security, working, as it does, with the U.S. government to keep other countries from prying into some of our nation's most critical networks. Now that many of those same countries are after intellectual property housed by enterprise shops, commercial customers are knocking at Fidelis' door looking for help. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix talked to Fidelis CEO Peter George about the shifting threat landscape and what companies are doing to cope.

Written by John Dix13 Aug. 12 15:41

Failure of Senate to pass Cybersecurity Act leaves us all at risk

The Senate failed to muster enough votes to pass the watered-down Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S. 2105) earlier this month, which reminds me of the line by Col. Nathan R. Jessep in the movie "A Few Good Men": "All you did was weaken a country today ... That's all you did. You put people's lives in danger."

Written by John Dix13 Aug. 12 10:46

US Court of Appeals says bank security system wasn’t up to snuff, meaning it might be liable for some loses incurred by a hacked customer

The decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit to overturn a lower court ruling that let a bank off the hook for losses incurred by a hacked customer has implications for both financial institutions (they need to do more) and their business customers (who typically lack legal protection from fraud that consumers enjoy).

Written by John Dix16 July 12 10:30