Stories by Kathleen Lau

Open Text offers iPad support, cross-tool integration

Open Text Corp's legal customers will soon have the ability to access and share documents residing in several of the Waterloo-based vendor's content management products, including the most recently available collaborative tool Social Workplace and eDOCS Edition 5.3, as well as on Apple Inc.'s iPad.

Written by Kathleen Lau10 Sept. 10 05:36

Accenture, SAP execs talk analytic trends

While business analytics tools are becoming cheaper and easier to use, organisations are still facing the underlying problem of understanding the data sources that feed these systems, said an executive with professional services firm Accenture PLC.

Written by Kathleen Lau10 Sept. 10 05:32

Social media, sustainability mark future IT manager

A new IBM Corp. global study of today's university and graduate students reveals unique Gen-Y traits that paint a profile of the IT manager of the future whose leadership strategy is built on an affinity for social networking and a global approach to innovation.

Written by Kathleen Lau10 Sept. 10 05:38

Gartner releases 2010 end user predictions

A new set of predictions by Gartner Inc. reports that by 2012, 20 per cent of businesses will not own any IT assets, neither end user nor data centre.

Written by Kathleen Lau13 March 10 06:16

Linux is the cloud's future: IBM Canada

While cloud computing is merely a label given to the latest evolution of what organizations have been doing for a long time, one consistent component in the cloud has been Linux, said Jim Elliott, IBM Canada Ltd.'s Linux champion.

Written by Kathleen Lau13 March 10 06:30

App performance '1.0' bad for cloud, SOA: exec

The founder and CEO of an application performance management (APM) software vendor said that today's IT development and production environments are not adequately served by what he terms "APM 1.0."

Written by Kathleen Lau27 Feb. 10 06:04

SQL Power Wabit BI tool comes to enterprise users

A Toronto-based business intelligence (BI) software vendor is giving the frontline worker a tool they can actually use with the newly released enterprise edition of Wabit, which follows the March release of the client version.

Written by Kathleen Lau30 Dec. 09 07:07

HP's new architecture tackles IT sprawl

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled new offerings to help customers address IT sprawl and build IT infrastructures that can quickly scale as the need arises.

Written by Kathleen Lau10 Nov. 09 05:19

Good master data management needs a focus on data

To engineers at oil and gas exploration and development company Nexen Inc., having access to information means being able to think in terms of concrete data and not barrels of gas.

Written by Kathleen Lau03 July 09 08:48

IT M&As will continue despite economy

Despite the uncertain economy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the technology space will continue in 2009, albeit in a non-traditional form involving certain technologies that are driven by customer needs to cut costs.

Written by Kathleen Lau10 Feb. 09 06:23

IBM Cognos helps banks mitigate credit risk

IBM last week released an analytical application to provide banks and financial institutions better visibility and management of credit risk across loan portfolios.

Written by Kathleen Lau24 Nov. 08 07:33

Customise The Pace of Your IT Career

You can customise your clothes, your car, and now, thanks to Deloitte, IT pros can customise their careers.

Written by Kathleen Lau19 Nov. 08 10:04

Protecting Your Assets

Ninety-nine per cent of companies her organization comes across don't have a proper asset management process in place, according to Elisabeth Vanderveldt, VP of business development, with Canada-based IT services and consulting firm Conamex International Solutions. That's a staggering number, considering the value that lifecycle management can bring to an organization. And it's indicative of the widespread lack of respect for this important aspect of IT operations.

Written by Kathleen Lau22 July 08 08:26

Now hear this - the power of corporate podcasts

With 29 independent micro-brewers scattered across the province, each with a unique story to tell, Ontario Craft Brewers decided that podcasts would be the perfect way to create that "personal, authentic" relationship with its beer drinkers.

Written by Kathleen Lau07 Sept. 07 12:07