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How to innovate with analytics and deliver real business value

Adopting advanced analytics and the road to artificial intelligence and machine learning is top of mind for many organisations looking to discover true business value, according to SAS vice-president of marketing and customer engagement, Bob Messier.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 June 18 14:00

In pictures: ‘Innovate with Analytics: The Art of Deeper insights' - CIO Melbourne Breakfast

Data is becoming the new ‘oil’ and analytics is the differentiating factor. It not only delivers increased automation and sped up processes, but enables the identification of new models, the discovery of hidden relationships, and can reach a new level of intelligence. A group of leaders - from IT to data science to digital and marketing - gathered in Melbourne for the CIO Breakfast, in partnership with SAS, to hear about the 'power of analytics' and how organisations are capitalising on artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce tangible business value.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 June 18 13:05

How one Aussie start-up is changing the beauty and wellness business

Honee founder and CEO, Matt Jones, admits he knows way too much about the beauty industry. He chuckles when asked how and why he finds himself immersed in the beauty and wellness space - and the reason behind his mission to help digitise the industry.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 May 18 09:40

Federal government launches AI and IoT projects

The federal government has hatched two new research projects - investigating artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) technologies - in a bid to advance Australia’s knowledge and expertise in these emerging areas.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien24 May 18 09:09

Cyber research centre crowns Rachael Falk as CEO

The Australian Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC) has named information security consultant and former Telstra general manager of cyber influence, Rachael Falk, as its new CEO.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien18 May 18 16:05

Why an AIibaba chief scientist says we shouldn't fear AI

Alibaba’s chief scientist and associate dean of machine intelligence and technology, Xiaofeng Ren, dispels the doomsday scenario that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans, but instead insists it will provide useful and practical services.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 18 11:22

Budget 2018: GovPass gets hefty boost

The government plans to “accelerate the implementation of the GovPass program” as it injects $92.4 million into the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 May 18 11:11

Ivan Ortiz leaves UBET for LGIAsuper

Ivan Ortiz has packed in his head of technology role at Australian bookmaking company, UBET, to take on a similar role in the financial services sector at LGIAsuper.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 May 18 10:35

Why Michelle Simmons was destined to be in STEM

Recently named 2018 Australian of the Year, UNSW scientist, Michelle Simmons, has always tried to be different and push the boundaries. Right from an early age, she knew she wanted a career in science and technology.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien26 April 18 15:26