Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

Former rhipe CTO Cameron McFie hatches new firm

Former rhipe CTO Cameron McFie has become the CTO of Software Jar, a company he founded that focuses on solving the challenges of MSPs through automation.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 July 19 09:21

4 weeks left to nominate for the CIO50

With the August 12 deadline looming to nominate for the fourth annual CIO50, it's time to be heard and tell us your story of transformation, innovation and leadership.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien16 July 19 15:15

VC cash in Aussie startups reaches new high

Venture capital (VC) investments in Australian startups has hit a record US$1.23 billion in the 2018/19 financial year, according to KPMG.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien16 July 19 12:17

IBM closes Red Hat deal for $34 billion

IBM has officially gobbled up Red Hat for $34 billion, a technology acquisition considered one of the largest in history.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien10 July 19 09:15

Coles migrates to Azure to boost digital across entire business

Coles has inked a partnership with Microsoft that sees the shopping giant adopt Azure as its cloud platform of choice. The move is aimed at accelerating digital transformation to enhance customer experience and improve business productivity.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 July 19 08:54