Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

Telco analyst rails against NBN financial model

Telco analyst Paul Budde continues to hit out at one of the most talked about infrastructure projects in recent times, criticising the current financial model of the national broadband network and skeptical whether we will get NBN 3.0 right this time.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 Feb. 19 10:18

Sunshine Coast rated one of the world's most intelligent communities

The Sunshine Coast has been named one of the 'Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2019' for its best practices in broadband deployment and use, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion, sustainability and advocacy.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 Feb. 19 12:48

In pictures: Turning insight into action - and your competitive edge - CIO Roundtable

Australian CIOs continue to embrace digital transformation strategies at accelerated rates and increasingly recognise they need to transform data into actionable intelligence to succeed. Now more than ever, CIOs need to enable smarter decision-making, strengthen customer relationships and drive growth - and are turning to the power of business intelligence, advanced analytics - and even artificial intelligence - to achieve real-world tangible results. A group of IT leaders gathered in Sydney to discuss their challenges and opportunities in the business intelligence and data analytics journey.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien29 Nov. 18 14:25

Knosys CTO reveals tech trends of 2019

Knosys CTO, Nic Passmore, the self-proclaimed ‘antichrist of AI’, advises Australian businesses in 2019 to consider the cost-benefits of “shiny, new technologies” like AI and instead bolster existing systems first in order to drive technology transformation forward.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 Nov. 18 15:56

CSR embarks on tech transformation with Optus

CSR Limited is embarking on a technology transforming and inked a $12 million deal with Optus to provide voice, data and mobile services across 150 Australian sites.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 18 10:53

In Pictures: Transformation through Automation. What's your story? CIO Roundtable

Automation technologies are completely transforming the way businesses operate. They are helping businesses cut costs across their networks and security infrastructure and in their call centres. Indeed, automation is a godsend for cash-strapped CIOs who need to meet increasing technology demands from business users while providing their own technology teams with more interesting, high value jobs. A dynamic group of industry experts gathered to attend the CIO Australia and Juniper Networks' roundtable discussion, ‘Transformation through automation: What’s your story?’ Attendees were eager to discuss their challenges and opportunities as they embark on rolling out automation technologies.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 18 09:25

NBN broadband speeds get tick of approval: ACCC

ISPs are performing well and delivering good results for fixed-line NBN customers, according to the latest speed test results outlined in the ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) report.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien07 Nov. 18 12:35

From tragedy to triumph, RallySafe aims to keep motorsport safe

RallySafe managing director, Stephen Sims, had the tragic experience of seeing two friends die in a motorsport accident in a rally race he was participating in - Targa Tasmania - and vowed to help make the industry safer through the use of technology.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien01 Nov. 18 15:24

‘Sly’ moves and savvy planning empowers former female CIO

Susan Sly didn’t plan on having a career in IT. In fact, this Western Australian girl had always planned on being a vet. But while vet science didn’t materialise, she found herself immersed in the world of physics and mathematics at university - and eventually went into the navy.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 Oct. 18 12:33

Ex-chief of staff Erin Butler named Citrix A/NZ area VP

Citrix’ former chief of staff for worldwide sales and services, Erin Butler, has been named the A/NZ area vice-president, a role that will see her focus on the go-to-market strategy and deliver consistent growth across all sectors of the A/NZ market.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien30 Oct. 18 09:48

7 disruptions CIOs may not see coming: Gartner

CIOs may not be prepared for seven digital disruptions, including quantum computing, swam technology and nanotechnology, according to Gartner’s latest research.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien18 Oct. 18 15:11