Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank tap IBM cloud for app development

​Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has scooped IBM Cloud as its preferred cloud application development platform, a move that assists the bank in developing new products and services for its 1.6 million customers.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 June 16 11:04

Emirates and IBM sign 10-year IT services deal

Dubai’s Emirates Airlines has inked a US$300 million technology services deal with IBM in a bid to improve airline efficiency on its passenger support systems and functions.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 June 16 09:36

Gavin Fernandes exits CTO post at QLD Electoral Commission

​With the Electoral Commission of Queensland moving into ‘peacetime’ mode and redirecting energy to other strategic projects, CTO Gavin Fernandes is getting set to leave the intensely “rewarding and daunting” position he held for the past 18 months.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien08 June 16 16:26

ACT Health starts the chase for new CIO

ACT Health is officially on the hunt for a CIO, six months after the departure of Judy Redmond, who was in the post for five years and was pivotal in the implementation of an e-health strategy.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien08 June 16 09:16

Henley Properties adopt paperless work environment

​The paperless office is a reality for staff at Henley Properties thanks to the adoption of technology that can digitise the entire process of capturing data from workers in the field.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien07 June 16 16:13

Brisbane Airport extends managed services contract with Data#3

​CIO of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), Mansoor Karatela, has welcomed the extension of the managed services contract with Data#3, calling it a “logical progression” in its bid to drive operational efficiencies across the vast ICT environment.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien07 June 16 09:47

Fresia Segovia: CIO ‘change agent’ at Hurstville City Council

Through her IT support roles, she has helped build roads, bridges and wireless networks in warehouses and countless other male dominated arenas. But Fresia Segovia, CIO of Hurstville City Council, says despite the fact she was “the only female voice” at the majority of her engineering and surveying jobs, it has never been a stumbling block.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien01 June 16 09:41

VR, AI and IoT top job searches in Australia

Job searches on virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have tripled as Australians continue to embrace digital technologies in 2016, according to new data released by Indeed.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 May 16 14:15

Syed Ahmed: Leading the ‘digital transformation’ charge at Bupa

When other little boys were inventing superheroes, obsessively playing sports and developing street games, 8-year-old Syed Ahmed was mesmerised by programming. No doubt, Bupa’s head of digital products and operations was a natural-born business technologist right from the start.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien27 May 16 10:18

Australia an economic crime ‘hotspot’: PwC

A new survey paints a gloomy picture for Australian organisations, which were found to experience cybercrime at double the global rate, with 65 per cent attacked in the last 24 months compared to 32 per cent globally.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien18 May 16 14:26

Government e-invoicing review gets tick of approval

An Australian e-invoicing project predicted to transform the national economy with an estimated $7-$10 billion annually is set to undergo a detailed Cost and Benefits Study on widespread government adoption.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 May 16 13:11