Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

NSW Health gives doctors the power of telemedicine

Clinicians within NSW’s regional network of hospitals can now use telemedicine capabilities to better diagnose and treat patients with cancer thanks to the adoption of tools that provide secure mobile access to electronic medical records.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 March 17 11:54

LSC modernises operations, touts digital moves

​When you think of digital transformation, locksmithing may not come to mind. But for the 90-year-old company, LSC (Locksmiths’ Supply Company), the journey to modernise and jump into the digital age is all encompassing, both in terms of updating internal operations and in educating locksmith customers.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien16 March 17 11:21

Aussie innovator, Solange Cunin, brings space down into the classroom

A self-confessed space geek, Cuberider co-founder and CEO, Solange Cunin, has achieved at 23 what most can only dream of. Not only has she helped launch the first Australian rocket mission to the International Space Station (ISS), but she is changing the mindset of kids on the ground, helping them do real-life space missions.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 March 17 16:43

Tech dreams come true: Origin’s Kelly Ferguson reveals personal journey

CIO of Origin Energy, Kelly Ferguson, had a dream to be a “technologist” right from the beginning, explaining she tinkered with computers during her impressionable childhood years while her siblings preferred to play on the family farm in the US.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 March 17 11:45

Woodside eyes robots for hazardous work

​Woodside Energy is one step closer to understanding how robots could potentially undertake hazardous tasks in remote environments, creating new tools for employees to use and making operations safer and more efficient.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien08 March 17 11:25

Ricoh Australia inks deal with MuleSoft for quicker connections

Ricoh Australia has implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform in a bid to support its services-led, customer-first strategy, a move the company said will increase operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 March 17 14:32

Navigating the customer experience journey: CMO/CIO panel

Storytelling is crucial in building and crafting an organisation’s customer experience and agility efforts, according to top marketers and technology leaders from AMP, OPSM, Aussie, and Vision Critical.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 March 17 07:23

Woodside beefs up tech play

Australian oil and gas giant, Woodside, has embraced a range of technology from data analytics and cognitive computing to 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI) in a bid to deliver greater insights, help reduce costs and ensure high production performance and reliability.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 March 17 13:11

Ahmed Fahour quits Australia Post

Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour, has suddenly quit his position after seven years in the top job​ amidst intense criticism over his $5.6 million salary, even from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien23 Feb. 17 16:34

Audit Office of NSW chases CIO

The Audit Office of New South Wales, the independent auditor of the state’s public sector, is on the hunt for a CIO with a strong track record of achievement in a senior technology role.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien23 Feb. 17 11:42

Wesley Mission delves deeper into transformation with CRM push

Wesley Mission Queensland (WMQ) has adopted SugarCRM technology to support its business transformation and address changes brought on by the Australian government’s new consumer directed care model and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).​

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 Feb. 17 14:53