Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

University of Sydney launches research centre to explore AI

The University of Sydney has hatched a $7.5 million research centre and assembled a multidisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to undertaking innovative research to solve major problems in artificial intelligence (AI).

Written by Jennifer O'Brien08 June 17 10:47

National Portrait Gallery paints a digital future

The National Portrait Gallery is on a path towards digitisation as it works to provide almost one million on-site and online visitors with “unprecedented access” and interactivity with the Canberra-based gallery’s 2,500 portraits.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien01 June 17 15:05

Mad Mex serves a ‘spicy’ dish of cloud and digital

Ordering your burrito has never been more personal. At least that’s the mission of Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill CIO John Boyd, who said the company is relying on digital technologies and cloud infrastructure to feed the consumer’s growing appetite for beefier customer service and deeper brand connections.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien18 May 17 12:25

14 steps to avoid WannaCry ransomware attack: ICIT

​In the wake of the global WannaCry ransomware attack, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) has released a 14-point plan that calls on organisations to practice comprehensive cyber-hygiene, and modernise systems and applications to limit reliance on out-of-support programs.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 17 12:09

ABC crowns Helen Clifton to new chief digital role

​ABC has appointed Helen Clifton to the new role of chief digital and information officer, a role considered "vital to the future development of the ABC," according to managing director Michelle Guthrie.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 17 11:00

Updated: Kylie Towie exits WA Health

​WA Health’s Kylie Towie, acting chief executive and CIO of Health Support Services (HSS), is leaving the organisation after 18 months at the helm.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien10 May 17 16:30

Powering the e-sports platforms

​In a ‘dedicated gaming house’ in suburban Kellyville run by Avant Gaming, a group of gamers sit glued to their gaming chairs for eight hours a day, often forgetting to eat and stretch, as they practice like ninjas and train for victory in the electronic gaming word.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien04 May 17 15:46

Gumtree hires Roisin Parkes as first female CTO

Gumtree Australia has tapped Roisin Parkes as its first female chief technology officer to be the ‘voice of the technology team’ and to drive the next phase of growth.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien04 May 17 09:37

Exclusive: Monash Uni taps self-service IT platform

​Monash University is “taking the next step in its digital transformation journey,” adopting a self-service IT platform that’s changing how students, academics and administration staff work around their IT challenges and interact with technology.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien03 May 17 15:55