Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

Aussie startup scene ‘spaghetti-on-the-wall’: SBE chair Topaz Conway

Calling the current state of the Australian startup and innovation scene the ‘flavour of the month,” veteran entrepreneur, director and angel investor, Topaz Conway, said business people - particularly women - need to be wary of the ‘fly-by-night’ atmosphere.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 Jan. 18 11:00

Asylum seekers invited by OAIC to speak out about data breach

Close to 10,000 asylum seekers affected by a data breach of personal information four years ago by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection are invited to provide evidence of loss or damage to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Written by Jennifer O'Brien25 Jan. 18 10:55

2017: The year that was

No doubt, 2017 was a year of transformation and continual change in the CIO sector. From job changes and perpetual maneuvering to ongoing stories of innovation and digital transformation, technology chiefs are influencing rapid change across their organisations.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien20 Dec. 17 11:01

NAB’s ‘innovation hub’ beefs up head count

National Australia Bank is doubling investment in its innovation hub, NAB Labs, and boosting headcount by an additional 35 new team members, taking the group to 85 staff.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 Dec. 17 09:08

Exclusive: Holden's IT chief quits

GM Holden's CIO and head of information technology, Peter Lane, has left his post at the iconic brand.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien06 Dec. 17 11:22

CIO50 2017 #15: Chris Ford, SA Power Networks

Immersed in a technology-ladened environment, SA Power CIO Chris Ford openly admits his biggest lesson learned in his career revolves around people – and he’s proud of it.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #11: Jeff Murray, University of Tasmania

He calls it ‘Facebook for Researchers,’ affectionately known as the eREc, and it involves the sharing of data via a comprehensive electronic solution that provides management of infinite research data. University of Tasmania CIO Jeff Murray said the goal of the university’s eResearch Ecosystem is to keep researchers “connected and discovered”.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 Ones to Watch: Lina Lim

National Stock Exchange head of technology Lina Lim recognises that being a successful CIO requires serving the needs of all key stakeholders - including both internal and external customers - as well as leading the technology strategy in a collaborative way.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #12: Alastair Sharman, Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service is being recognised both nationally and internationally for how it is leading the delivery of digital services and adding value to the organisation - and CIO Alastair Sharman is recognised as a pivotal player in laying the groundwork for this transformative journey.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 Ones to Watch: William Payne

Boral CIO William Payne is astutely concerned about the customer. With only eight months under his belt at Boral, Payne has helped the company move the company’s IT support into the “current century”, according to divisional chief executive, Joe Goss.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #17: Hilda Clune, PwC

To survive and thrive you need to think like a digital market leader, according to PwC CIO Hilda Clune, who shared her lessons learned as a modern day CIO tasked with delivering change.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #16 Sam Charmand, Qantas Loyalty

Sam Charmand, the CIO of Qantas Loyalty, has learned the value of going after innovation - and has seen first-hand how the development of technology (including personalisation) has the power to dramatically change a business.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00

CIO50 2017 #14: William Confalonieri, Deakin University

Deakin University’s William Confalonieri has many learnings from his years in the CIO role. Most notably, he says one of his biggest lessons involves focusing on people rather than being fixated on technology.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 17 19:00