Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

5 IT roles needed in ‘robotic revolution’: Hays

​The growing reliance on workplace robots in business today has sparked demand for ‘robot creators,’ IT professionals with niche skills and qualifications, according to recruitment firm Hays.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 April 17 15:00

Mobile app protects Australian fisheries, aquaculture

​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has unveiled a mobile application that will strengthen Australia’s capability to manage and respond to significant aquatic animal disease incidents.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 April 17 09:15

Victoria Police go mobile to boost officer safety

​Victoria Police is arming frontline officers with Motorola’s managed services mobility solution in a bid to boost workplace safety, efficiency and collaboration.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 April 17 15:57

Updated: Aus Post’s Andrew Walduck nabs CDO role

​Australia Post’s Andrew Walduck, executive general manager of trusted e-commerce services, has added group chief digital officer (CDO) to his role, marking the first appointment of its kind.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 April 17 12:16

ISPs could sell your browsing history: Aussie expert weighs in on US proposal

​If the US green lights legislative proposals to empower ISPs to freely disseminate a consumer’s personal information- and even sell your web browsing history - it could potentially open doors to new markets and revenue streams, according to the head of the Internet Association of Australia (IAA).

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 April 17 11:43

Leaders discuss transformation and innovation: AWS panel

​Innovation and the use of cloud technologies is changing industries across Australia. Just ask Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO, Scott Farquhar, who said the move towards a cloud-centric digital world promises significant opportunity for Australia, a country historically saddled by the “tyranny of distance.”

Written by Jennifer O'Brien06 April 17 11:31

NSW Health gives doctors the power of telemedicine

Clinicians within NSW’s regional network of hospitals can now use telemedicine capabilities to better diagnose and treat patients with cancer thanks to the adoption of tools that provide secure mobile access to electronic medical records.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 March 17 11:54

LSC modernises operations, touts digital moves

​When you think of digital transformation, locksmithing may not come to mind. But for the 90-year-old company, LSC (Locksmiths’ Supply Company), the journey to modernise and jump into the digital age is all encompassing, both in terms of updating internal operations and in educating locksmith customers.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien16 March 17 11:21

Aussie innovator, Solange Cunin, brings space down into the classroom

A self-confessed space geek, Cuberider co-founder and CEO, Solange Cunin, has achieved at 23 what most can only dream of. Not only has she helped launch the first Australian rocket mission to the International Space Station (ISS), but she is changing the mindset of kids on the ground, helping them do real-life space missions.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 March 17 16:43