Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

TEG appoints new CTO as part of restructure

TEG has appointed product innovation and tech leader Greg Willis to the CTO role as part of a management restructure of the company’s ticketing and technology operations.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Feb. 19 14:00

Cashwerkz appoints Whitfield as CTO

Fintech innovator, Cashwerkz, continues to expand its operational capabilities with the latest addition of Peter Whitfield to the executive team in the chief technology officer (CTO) role.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Feb. 19 13:38

Say goodbye to CDOs by 2022?

.By 2022, the chief digital officer (CDO) title will be in decline, as digital will have become fully embedded into business, while the CDO's responsibility is spread across the executive team, predicts IDC A/NZ market analyst Sean Ashari.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Feb. 19 10:37

C-suite execs don’t trust the numbers: survey

Eighty per cent of Australian c-suite executives and financial professionals claim their organisations made significant business decisions based on “inaccurate financial data,” according to a BlackLine survey.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien20 Feb. 19 13:03

Georges River gets modern touch with smart city innovations

Georges River Council is taking the wrappers off integrated smart city technologies - including the rollout of IT-enabled ChillOUT hubs and furniture sensors - in a bid to “continue to innovate”, according to Mayor Kevin Greene.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 Feb. 19 16:11

Uni of Newcastle set to transform CX through digital services

University of Newcastle CIO Anthony Molinia continues to shift the focus of the IT department, driving technology-led innovation across the university and pushing a strategy of 'client-centricity' by using digital services.​

Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 Feb. 19 11:48

Lim exits NSX, Oluwi joins team

After more than two years in the role, Lina Lim has left the head of technology post at the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX). Stepping into her role is Yemi Oluwi, formerly an ASX consultant with over 15 years experience in financial markets IT.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Feb. 19 15:39

Australia ‘asleep at the wheel’ in autonomous vehicle race

Australia’s recent fall from 14th to 15th position in the 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index is “unacceptable and should sound alarm bells”, according to the nation’s peak driverless vehicle industry collective.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Feb. 19 14:41

Telco analyst rails against NBN financial model

Telco analyst Paul Budde continues to hit out at one of the most talked about infrastructure projects in recent times, criticising the current financial model of the national broadband network and skeptical whether we will get NBN 3.0 right this time.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 Feb. 19 10:18

Sunshine Coast rated one of the world's most intelligent communities

The Sunshine Coast has been named one of the 'Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2019' for its best practices in broadband deployment and use, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion, sustainability and advocacy.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 Feb. 19 12:48

In pictures: Turning insight into action - and your competitive edge - CIO Roundtable

Australian CIOs continue to embrace digital transformation strategies at accelerated rates and increasingly recognise they need to transform data into actionable intelligence to succeed. Now more than ever, CIOs need to enable smarter decision-making, strengthen customer relationships and drive growth - and are turning to the power of business intelligence, advanced analytics - and even artificial intelligence - to achieve real-world tangible results. A group of IT leaders gathered in Sydney to discuss their challenges and opportunities in the business intelligence and data analytics journey.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien29 Nov. 18 14:25

Knosys CTO reveals tech trends of 2019

Knosys CTO, Nic Passmore, the self-proclaimed ‘antichrist of AI’, advises Australian businesses in 2019 to consider the cost-benefits of “shiny, new technologies” like AI and instead bolster existing systems first in order to drive technology transformation forward.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 Nov. 18 15:56

CSR embarks on tech transformation with Optus

CSR Limited is embarking on a technology transforming and inked a $12 million deal with Optus to provide voice, data and mobile services across 150 Australian sites.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Nov. 18 10:53