Stories by Derek du Preez

British Army saves £20m with SAS analytics tools

The British Army has saved some £20 million at its headquarters by using business intelligence tools to reduce data errors, integrate disparate sources of data and efficiently allocate manpower.

Written by Derek du Preez17 Sept. 13 07:06

MPs ask if tech chief is scapegoat for £98m failed BBC project

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, has questioned why the BBC's chief technology officer, John Linwood, has been the only person suspended over a failed £98 million digital project, claiming that more than one BBC manager was to blame.

Written by Derek du Preez12 June 13 07:11

Study: High growth companies are better at analysing data

The Economist Intelligence Unit has found a strong relationship between the growth of corporate earnings and companies’ use of data in strategic planning, with high growth companies performing better at analysis and use data for decision making.

Written by Derek du Preez01 May 13 07:18

Flybe unconvinced by benefits of SAP HANA, opts for QlikView

European airline Flybe is unconvinced by the benefits of SAP’s in- memory analytics tool, HANA, and has instead deployed the QlikView Business Discovery platform for its revenue management and business analytics.

Written by Derek du Preez18 April 13 13:12

New technology roll-out puts almost 700 Morrisons jobs at risk

As part of its latest technology drive to improve operations and create efficiencies, supermarket chain Morrisons has revealed that the new roll-out of new cash handling technology will put almost 700 jobs at risk.

Written by Derek du Preez17 April 13 13:52

Vodafone expands use of HANA – but highlights skills challenge

Vodafone’s global head of ERP, Ignacio Garcia, has revealed the telecom giant’s plans to expand its use SAP's HANA following a successful initial project, but did warn of a skills challenge when using the new technology.

Written by Derek du Preez09 March 13 08:04