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The sorry state of federal IPv6 support

U.S. federal government agencies must meet an aggressive deadline of Sept. 30, 2012, to deploy IPv6 on their public-facing websites, under an Obama administration initiative. But with less than five months to go, more than 99% of federal websites aren't supporting the next-gen Internet Protocol on their DNS, email and Web services.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan19 April 12 07:39

Big news for IPv6: Akamai to launch service in April

Akamai will offer IPv6 services to its entire customer base in April -- a long-awaited move that will be a major boon to the adoption rate of the next-generation Internet Protocol.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan27 March 12 02:17

7 simple steps for thwarting hactivists

More data was stolen from corporate networks last year by hactivists than by cybercriminals, according to a new report from Verizon.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan22 March 12 15:22

5 signs that you've lost control over your Cloud apps

CIOs are waking up to the reality that they've lost control over access to data stored in software-as-a-service applications purchased by other departments.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan12 March 12 21:28

Get Hadoop certified ... fast

IT professionals are scrambling to get trained and certified in what's expected to be the hottest new high-tech skill for 2012: Hadoop.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan07 March 12 00:27

'Big data' creating big career opportunities for IT pros

New job opportunities are emerging for IT professionals in the field of "big data," the term used to describe how corporations gather vast amounts of real-time data about their customers and analyze that data to drive decision making and increase profitability.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan07 March 12 00:27

15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time

In honor of National Data Privacy Day this Saturday, Jan. 28, we've put together a list of the 15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan27 Jan. 12 05:47

Security: Will 2012 be the dawn of DNSSEC?

Will 2012 be the year when US retailers, banks and content providers finally bolster their DNS systems with an add-on security measure that prevents Web site spoofing? That's what advocates of the security measure - dubbed DNSSEC for DNS Security Extensions - are hoping will occur.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan19 Jan. 12 08:33

Expert to IT pros: Adopt IPv6 soon or be sorry later

A dozen of the world's largest Internet companies - including Facebook, Google and Comcast - have committed to June 6, as the start date for their production deployments of IPv6, an upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan18 Jan. 12 08:36

Leading ISPs, websites commit to June 6 start for IPv6

Several of the world's largest ISPs and websites have committed to permanently enabling <a href="">IPv6</a> -- the next-generation Internet Protocol -- on their products and services starting June 6, 2012.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan18 Jan. 12 04:36

IT pros lament: Low pay, no perks

Non-competitive pay is the main reason for high turnover rates among IT pros in their 20s and early 30s.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan05 Jan. 12 04:28

5 major changes facing the Internet in 2012

2012 is poised to go down in Internet history as one of the most significant 12-month periods from both a technical and policy perspective since the late 1990s, when this network-of-networks stopped being a research project and became an engine of economic growth.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan04 Jan. 12 01:24