Stories by Edward L. Haletky

Blog: IT Teams Should Integrate VMware Products Immediately

There are many new features coming down from VMware that will aid in integrating the networking, storage and security teams into your virtual environment or ecosystem. Do not wait for product changes to upgrade the way your technical teams work together.

Written by Edward L. Haletky30 Sept. 08 13:54

Blog: How Secure is Hyper-V, Really?

Hyper-V's current security is dependent upon the security of Windows 2008 Server. Sounds like a hosted solution to me, even though Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor—which is designed to run on bare metal and therefore be completely independent of the operating system itself.

Written by Edward L. Haletky04 Sept. 08 11:12

Blog: How to Recover From Virtualization Disasters

Disaster recovery, to many people, means not much more than a hot site, but there is much more involved. What exactly is involved depends on how much money you have to put to the problem.

Written by Edward L. Haletky01 Sept. 08 14:06

More adventures with VMware Update 2

After the Update 2 fiasco, update issues still exist with VMware ESX and ESXi. When the VMware Update Manager scans a host for updates, it may show no updates, updates that you think have already been applied, or out of sync updates.

Written by Edward L. Haletky22 Aug. 08 15:30

Blog: Virtual Networking Best Practices Up for Debate

Virtual server configuration and management is still a developing art. But a set of best practices for laying out a virtual network for best performance, redundancy, and security is even more up for grabs. Despite the frequency with which questions about virtual networks appear on VMware Communities Forums, it appears as if no two companies use the same approach.

Written by Edward L. Haletky05 Aug. 08 15:41

Blog: Pros and Cons of VMware's New Security Guide

VMware has released another hardening guideline, this time for VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.5. Its guidance can also apply to version 3.0, though. This guide is useful in that it actually looks as ESXi as more than an appliance, as does the ESX Security Technical Implementation Guide from the US Defense Information Systems Administration (DISA), which I discussed a couple of weeks ago.

Written by Edward L. Haletky04 Aug. 08 13:58