Stories by Andrew Hendry

In Conroy’s muddy waters you'll never know what’s being filtered

An Australian law expert has warned that under the government’s proposed mandatory Internet content filtering scheme Australians will have no way of finding out what “illegal” content has been censored and blocked online, while Greens Senator Scott Ludlam voiced his concern over Senator Conroy’s ambiguity regarding exactly what content will or won’t be blocked, and who will be able to opt-out of the filtering.

Written by Andrew Hendry28 Oct. 08 09:30

Aussie CIOs, businesses don't understand Garnaut Review implications

Most IT managers and organisations in Australia are yet to wake up to the corporate requirements for reporting and improving greenhouse gas abatement, according to a Gartner analyst who labeled the Garnaut Climate Change Review a call to action for the nation’s IT industry.

Written by Andrew Hendry20 Oct. 08 16:18

IT to feel the heat from emissions trading

With national greenhouse emissions reporting underway for several months now, and as state and territory governments consider a national emissions trading scheme, Australia’s ICT industry should not be lulled into believing these measures will only affect the tall end of town.

Written by Andrew Hendry17 Sept. 08 08:49

National Innovation System Review urges Web 2.0 adoption

The federal government has released the report of the Review of the National Innovation System Venturous Australia, which details recommendations for remodeling the nation’s innovation system.

Written by Andrew Hendry10 Sept. 08 16:49

Terria bites back at Telstra’s monopolist accusations

The managing director of the Terria consortium, Michael Simmons, hit back at Telstra’s attack on comments he made yesterday regarding Terria’s desire for the government to preclude an alternative National Broadband Network (NBN), labeling it a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Written by Andrew Hendry10 Sept. 08 13:47

Opposition calls for separation, likens NBN process to Mugabe politics

Shadow Communications Minister Bruce Billson yesterday called on the nation’s telecommunications industry to adopt a less combative and more collaborative approach to the NBN debate. He also told attendees at the 2008 Australian Telecommunications Summit that the opposition backed the call for a structurally separate NBN proponent.

Written by Andrew Hendry28 Aug. 08 09:06

Privacy laws to address the human side of IT

The Australian Law Reform Commission this week concluded its largest ever research and public consultation exercise ever with the launch of its report For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice, which recommends a re-write of the nation's 20-year-old privacy laws to keep pace with the information age.

Written by Andrew Hendry13 Aug. 08 12:55

ICT industry's 2020 vision: 25,000 vacant jobs

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) on Monday released a report indicating that ICT skills shortages will grow to 14,000 jobs by 2010, and will continue to reach 25,000 by 2020 unless government and industry heighten collaboration to ease the skills shortages.

Written by Andrew Hendry11 Aug. 08 14:15

ITIL deployment gets Murdoch Uni's IT support back on track

Murdoch University in WA is currently winding up an ITIL deployment that began late last year and has since "revolutionized" the way the university's IT support and services department manages its IT processes and assists its thousands of end users.

Written by Andrew Hendry06 Aug. 08 13:45

Regulatory compliance tops issues facing IT managers

Regulatory compliance will be the top business and technology issue facing IT managers and executives worldwide in the next 12 to 18 months, with a major emphasis on protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and transaction monitoring.

Written by Andrew Hendry05 Aug. 08 14:25

CSIRO develops technology that goes where GPS can't

The CSIRO has developed a new wireless localisation system with the ability to track, sense and communicate in areas where GPS and other wireless technologies cannot work.

Written by Andrew Hendry31 July 08 12:33

Australia's first National ICT careers week announced

Convincing young people that a career in ICT offers a global passport and the chance to make a difference in some of humankind's foremost dilemmas, such as climate change, are among the key themes of the inaugural National ICT Careers Week, slated for 28 July to 2 August 2008.

Written by Andrew Hendry12 May 08 14:06

Feds tout malware as Australia's biggest cyber threat

The director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre believes that the diversity of malware and its abilities to circumvent security products, is the greatest threat on the local cyber crime landscape.

Written by Andrew Hendry30 April 08 14:27