Stories by John Edwards

When to kill (and when to recover) a failed project

Admitting project failure is never easy, but sometimes the kill decision turns out to be the best decision. Here's how to know when to scrap and when to save a failing project.

Written by John Edwards14 Sept. 17 20:23

A hardened approach to system security

Glenn Phillips, president of Pelham, Ala.-based Forté, says that the dedicated Windows workstations his company sells to hospital emergency room administrators must not only be secure, but absolutely tamperproof as well. After all, lives depend on the machines' flawless operation.

Written by John Edwards19 April 11 05:41

Maximizing server uptime: Best practices

In an IT world full of elusive goals, there's probably no target as slippery and generally elusive as server uptime.

Written by John Edwards11 Nov. 10 02:01

Minimize server-consolidation mistakes

Joe Latrell, IT manager and lead programmer for, a real estate data services company in Lancaster, Pa., knows that it's all too easy for even a knowledgeable and experienced IT veteran to make mistakes while managing a complex server-consolidation project. "You have to think about everything," he says. "It can be a minefield."

Written by John Edwards24 March 10 07:25

Does GPL still matter?

Jeff Haynie reached a crossroads last summer. Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator, a firm that develops open source cross-platform application development software, made a decision filled with implications for his company's future. That decision: to toss away his upcoming product's Gnu General Public License (GPL), the best-known and most popular free software license, in favor of what he viewed as a more business-friendly alternative. "We initially started the product with a GPLv3 license and we decided last summer to move the license to Apache," Haynie says.

Written by John Edwards11 Aug. 09 04:00

Financial crisis: The tech innovations at risk

September 2008 will certainly go down as one of the blackest months in Wall Street history. Venerable financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG abruptly vanished or were radically overhauled. Investors lost loads of money -- in some cases, fortunes -- and ordinary taxpayers are now finding themselves funding an industry bailout that could cost a staggering US$700 billion, perhaps even more.

Written by John Edwards01 Oct. 08 08:45

Text Analytics: Your Customers Are Talking About You

If you're in the hotel business, customer satisfaction isn't just a key metric, it's one that can make or break the company. But until recently, addressing sources of customer dissatisfaction was taking too long for Gaylord Hotels. US-based Gaylord, which operates 4 resort hotels in the Nashville; Dallas; Orlando, Florida; and Washington areas, needed a quick, clear view of how customers and meeting planners viewed its properties and services, as well as alerts to budding problems.

Written by John Edwards17 June 08 08:17

Seek and Ye Shall (Hopefully) Find

Are your employees and customers looking for answers? Enterprise search vendors promise to help you help them.

Written by John Edwards07 July 05 08:00

Thinking Inside the Box

Buying one security product containing an arsenal of capabilities is convenient, cheap and potentially dangerous.

Written by John Edwards10 March 04 12:02

Dawn of a New PC

PCs are getting faster and fancier. And thin is in.

Written by John Edwards06 Feb. 04 09:54

LANs Without Lines

Fresh standards give wireless LANs new life

Written by John Edwards06 April 01 13:42