Stories by Joshua Gliddon

Disaster recovery: The next generation

Traditional disaster recovery has undergone a fundamental shift as simple backup strategies are replaced by technologies that create resilient businesses.

Written by Joshua Gliddon21 Sept. 11 09:58

Data quality surfaces to spur financial services

Poor data quality is robbing insurers and financial institutions of between 15 and 25 per cent of operating profits, exposing it as low hanging fruit for the growth-starved financial services industry.

Written by Joshua Gliddon21 Sept. 11 09:48

Mobile growth soars despite enterprise ignorance

Mobile is set to becoming the world’s biggest digital channel with annual growth of 4000 per cent, 5.3 billion handsets worldwide and 1000 new handset activations every minute.

Written by Joshua Gliddon21 Sept. 11 09:39

iPhone not enterprise ready: Gartner

Is the iPhone 3GS ready for enterprise? The answer is a qualified no, according to Gartner analyst Robin Simpson.

Written by Joshua Gliddon26 June 09 16:04

Oracle, SAP are roadkill: Technology One chairman

The business model used by Oracle and SAP is fundamentally flawed and will lead to their downfall within the next decade, said Technology One chairman Adrian Di Marco.

Written by Joshua Gliddon27 May 09 16:23

More needs to be done with cyber security: Conroy

Senator Stephen Conroy has used his keynote speech at the 2009 AusCert conference, held this week on the Gold Coast, to call for a renewed emphasis on cyber security.

Written by Joshua Gliddon18 May 09 09:40

A fallow budget for ICT

Australia’s peak technology organisations have expressed optimism that Tuesday’s federal budget will be kind to the information technology sector. But this is tempered by knowledge that the NBN will dominate ICT expenditure over the next few years.

Written by Joshua Gliddon11 May 09 15:29