Stories by Rabia Garib

Tips on IT Management Practices, Project Management

Bad project management can kill a company. One day a company comes in with a bang and the next day it goes with a poof. In times like these, when countries all over the world are going through a major economical setback, it's getting very hard for organizations to keep up the revenue. In some cases, it's even hard to break even. Managing projects in the right way can help achieve goals and can keep organizations proactive.

Written by Rabia Garib18 Feb. 09 11:56

Strategic CIO: Serving Tech Savvy

Mohammad Khalid Shah, corporate director of IT at Avari Hotels, is certainly thinking about it... but are the others in the hospitality industry?

Written by Rabia Garib17 Oct. 08 11:30

Creating the GoogleApps Notifier: Sohail Amjad

Sohail Amjad was just an undergrad student at the Punjab University when he developed the Gmail Notifier for email running on Apps. When Google added Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps to its Enterprise Gallery, this opened up the door for so many other youngsters who can work in the SaaS space.

Written by Rabia Garib12 Aug. 08 15:17