Stories by Tom Davenport

Analyze This

More and more companies are using analytics to drive their decision-making processes. But there's a right and a wrong way to do it.

Written by Tom Davenport07 Nov. 05 17:07

Decision Evolution

Automated systems are helping businesses make decisions more productively and consistently. But they're also making a lot of entry-level jobs obsolete. Executives had better be prepared to manage the transition

Written by Tom Davenport10 Nov. 04 11:36

Big Offices Are Better

Big Offices Are Better
. . . and other findings from the universe of productivity metrics

Written by Tom Davenport08 Oct. 03 10:42

Serenity Now!

If businesses don't find a way to help the knowledge worker manage information technology, today's confusion will lead to tomorrow's insanity

Written by Tom Davenport11 Sept. 03 12:56

Withering Heights

We thought companies would want to single out their "high-end" knowledge workers for special treatment. We were wrong

Written by Tom Davenport07 Aug. 03 11:00

Enterprise IT at the Crossroads

Companies need to use technology for long-term business advantage while making short-term cost cuts.

Written by Tom Davenport08 April 02 09:45

The New, New IT Strategy

First there was re-engineering. Then ERP, KM and CRM. Is e-strategy the next killer app?

Written by Tom Davenport06 June 01 10:22

The New, New IT Strategy

First there was re-engineering. Then ERP, KM and CRM. Is e-strategy the next killer app?

Written by Tom Davenport01 June 01 14:28

Cut Us Some Slack

Unless you're careful, you could end up using technology to increase your employees' efficiency while hurting productivity.

Written by Tom Davenport22 March 01 15:12

The Last Big Thing

The hype behind knowledge management may be quieting, but its long-term value is something to shout about.

Written by Tom Davenport11 Dec. 00 11:37

Knowledge Management, Round Two

The good news is that the knowledge management movement is more than the fad some had predicted. The question now is, Where is it headed?

Written by Tom Davenport01 Dec. 99 12:25

The Eyes Have It

In case you haven't noticed, the Web and e-commerce are all about eyeballs. Already around 10 Web pages exist for each Australian, and we're rapidly heading toward a world in which the ratio of information to eyeballs is overwhelmingly large. Unless future citizens plan to do nothing but stare at screens all day, we're going to encounter a huge shortage of attentive pupils. Attracting, retaining and transferring eyeballs will be all the rage.

Written by Tom Davenport06 Oct. 99 13:17

The Customer Software Shakeout

It's a little hard to understand, but for the first several decades of the Age of Whopping Expensive Calculators we generally ignored customers. OK, after we had automated payroll and accounting we realised we'd need to bill customers to collect money, so we started including customer files in financial systems.

Written by Tom Davenport09 Aug. 99 15:22

The Net Changes (Almost) Nothing

Despite all the hoopla surrounding the Internet, some things in life are destined to remain analog.

Written by Tom Davenport28 June 99 12:38