Stories by Sari Kalin

Putting Content in Context

A growing number of organisations are deploying digital asset management systems - software that stores and organises images, audio, video and other digital objects, making them easier to find, transform and reuse.

Written by Sari Kalin06 Sept. 02 11:00

The Five Deadly Sins of Unused Software

It's the technology equivalent of the self-timing bread maker - you know, the one that hasn't left the back of the pantry since 1997. Or the cross-country ski machine that's become a glorified laundry rack in a corner of your spare room. We're talking about "shelfware" - software that winds up sitting in some dusty file cabinet in the IS department, never to be installed, or software that's loaded onto an employee's hard drive but never gets used.

Written by Sari Kalin08 July 02 10:30

The Essential Guide to Web Services

They're overhyped, sure, but this new way of doing business over the Internet holds great promise. Learn WHY Web services are important, HOW companies are using them and WHAT you can do to help your company's Web services strategy succeed.

Written by Sari Kalin08 March 02 10:30

Dotcom to Notcom

Leaving behind million-dollar stock option packages, dotcom defectors are returning to their corporate roots. Are they nuts? Or do they know something you don't know?

Written by Sari Kalin28 July 00 12:11

Trading Places

Business-to-business marketplaces are bring buyers and sellers together on the Internet, and all parties involved are reaping the benefits. Here's what you need to know

Written by Sari Kalin04 April 00 14:41

E-Legal Tangles

When setting up an e-business, legal landmines abound. Here's some advice on how to avoid them

Written by Sari Kalin06 March 00 12:40

Going, Going, Gone B2B

Building a business-to-business e-commerce site doesn't mean simply parking a Web server in the data centre

Written by Sari Kalin03 Nov. 99 12:41

The Second Time Around

Web startups need the skills of seasoned CIOs. Seasoned CIOs love the thrills and the promise of startups. If anyone knows of a reason these two should not marry, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Written by Sari Kalin11 Oct. 99 09:14

Sneaker Net

Nike's intranet helps employees speed product information around the globe

Written by Sari Kalin06 Sept. 99 16:19

Holiday Inn Customers Sleep Easier

Bass Hotels & Resorts Inc. had not revamped its corporate site or its brands' sites since their launch in 1995.

Written by Sari Kalin22 June 99 13:32

Choose Your Medicine

Three Web startups are trying to grab a piece of the online drugstore market. Each has a different prescription for technology leadership.

Written by Sari Kalin02 June 99 12:04

The Worldlier, Wider Web

The Web is reaching an increasing number of people worldwide. Your Web strategy had better follow suit

Written by Sari Kalin03 May 99 12:58

Title Search

As companies start e-commerce strategies, finding the best person to lead them is critical. A deep knowledge of a company's business processes is perhaps the most important quality for an e-commerce leader.

Written by Sari Kalin15 Feb. 99 11:21