Stories by George Nott

Medibank appoints new CIO

John Goodall replaces Sarah Harland ​who left after five months for a CIO position at Suncorp.

Written by George Nott23 Aug. 16 10:48

CASA seeks app for drone flyers

​The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is commissioning an app to help recreational and professional drone flyers avoid restricted airspace and stay within operating laws which change next month.

Written by George Nott23 Aug. 16 09:48

Q&A: CTO Geoff Purcell on the changing tide at Melbourne Water

​When Geoff Purcell joined Melbourne Water in January last year, he arrived to a fragmented IT team, ageing asset management and business process systems, and endless disparate databases. But there was also a multi-million dollar, cross-business digital strategy that hoped to bring the government owned statutory authority up to date.

Written by George Nott18 Aug. 16 09:15

NBN Co doubles revenue and end users

NBN Co has more than doubled its revenue and number of end users in the last year, the company announced today.

Written by George Nott16 Aug. 16 11:13

IAG head of digital: Don't cross the creep line

​Companies should not ‘cross the creep line’ when attempting to personalise and target their marketing warns Michael Bromley, IAG’s group head of digital and creative services.

Written by George Nott15 Aug. 16 10:55

Census minister: DoS attack is not an attack

​The minister responsible for the census has done a semantic dance around whether a Denial of Service attack is really an ‘attack’ at all.

Written by George Nott10 Aug. 16 15:23

Census outage caused by DoS attacks says ABS

​The Australian Bureau of Statistics has blamed Denial of Service attacks originating from overseas for the outage which hit the census website last night. But security experts have expressed their doubts.

Written by George Nott10 Aug. 16 09:43

Q&A: AGL CIO Simon Moorfield

​AGL is in the midst of a digital transformation that is changing the energy giant’s customer experience as well as the culture of its IT team. CIO Australia puts questions to the man leading the change, CIO Simon Moorfield.

Written by George Nott08 Aug. 16 14:52

IT grads beaten by better-prepared migrants to jobs: report

​Despite the abundance of jobs in the field, Australian IT graduates struggle to find employment because they’re not properly prepared for the workplace and face stiff competition from skilled migrants, says a report.

Written by George Nott08 Aug. 16 10:49