Stories by George Nott

BYOD split-bill app maker launches in Australia

Syntonic, which listed on the ASX today, believes it has the answer to costly employee data bill reimbursements – an app which splits data used for work from that used for pleasure.

Written by George Nott20 July 16 14:54

Battery-life boost from Sunshine Coast nanotechnology innovation

​Battery-life is increasingly the sticking point of technological progress. The solution could come from Sunshine Coast nanotechnology company Nano Nouvelle, which is developing a three-dimensional, nano-structured, porous electrode that it says will help overcome the limitations of today’s batteries.

Written by George Nott18 July 16 11:00

Engineering giant AECOM seeks CDO

​Engineering giant AECOM is seeking a chief digital officer for its operation in Australia and New Zealand.

Written by George Nott13 July 16 15:49

You're out of touch! IT decision-makers tell c-suite

Nine out of ten IT decision makers thought their organisation would perform better if their current c-suite were more tech-savvy, a ​​Wakefield research report commissioned by Juniper​ Network​s revealed.

Written by George Nott11 July 16 12:13

​AIIA and ACS: Congrats Turnbull, now step it up

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) are urging the Turnbull government to accelerate the digitisation of the economy.

Written by George Nott11 July 16 09:45