Stories by George Nott

Gov backed cyber survey sent to top 100 Aussie companies

​Invitations to complete an ASX and ASIC backed cyber survey have been sent to Australia’s 100 biggest companies today with an advisory note: don’t let your CIO fill it in.

Written by George Nott09 Nov. 16 11:29

WA mega port seeks first CIO

​Fremantle Ports, the WA government trading enterprise that manages the state’s largest container and cargo port, is seeking a chief information officer in a newly created role.

Written by George Nott08 Nov. 16 09:30

Stern letter to cabinet ministers urging them to take cyber seriously

​The PM’s cyber security minister will pen a stern letter to cabinet ministers urging them and their departments to take cyber security more seriously in the wake of a ​damning report​ pointing them out as a ‘weak link’ in the nation’s cyber defence.

Written by George Nott03 Nov. 16 09:31

Optus Business opens $10M Sydney cyber centre

Optus Business opened a $10 million Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC) in Sydney this morning, as part of its parent company Singtel’s push to secure the “global leadership position” in managed security services.

Written by George Nott02 Nov. 16 16:18

An IoT battery to last a billion years

​The widespread deployment of Internet of Things devices is being held back by a significant limiting factor: battery life.

Written by George Nott01 Nov. 16 10:13

Clive Rossiter's stupid rule revolution

Little did he know, the head of the Single Business Service ICT programme at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science was about to start a cultural revolution that within six months would see the department’s executive board putting hands on hearts and pledging allegiance.

Written by George Nott28 Oct. 16 16:30

Two rural utilities seek CIOs

​Two utilities are seeking CIOs: Essential Energy in New South Wales and Southern Rural Water in Victoria.

Written by George Nott28 Oct. 16 09:59

Tech dominates young rich list

​This year’s BRW Young Rich List is dominated by players in the technology sector with the 27 of the 100 richest Australian’s under 40 involved in the industry.

Written by George Nott28 Oct. 16 09:00

CIOs should coach CEOs on tech topics: Gartner

​CIOs are in a unique position to coach their CEOs on the skills they want to learn, says Gartner distinguished analyst Kristian Steenstrup.

Written by George Nott26 Oct. 16 14:24

Hot and bothered at the border

​Thermal imaging scanners and software could be used to identify travellers who become agitated on the approach to airport customs, Department of Immigration and Border Protection CIO Randall Brugeaud indicated yesterday.

Written by George Nott26 Oct. 16 08:45