Stories by George Nott

CIO50 2018 #26-50: William Confalonieri, Deakin University

“Deakin University’s main KPI relates to student satisfaction, and while the organisation is already a leader in this domain, Genie is takes student experience and support to a completely new level,” Confalonieri says.

Written by George Nott22 Nov. 18 19:00

CIO50 2018 #18: Tomas Varsavsky, REA Group

Staff say REA Group – which like all great technology companies began as a start-up in a garage – has managed to maintain its start-up culture and feel while becoming a more than $10 billion company.

Written by George Nott22 Nov. 18 19:00

CIO50 2018 #26-50: Rishi Dutta, Public Transport Victoria

“The data analytics platform is a step forward in my vision to lead public transport towards information-rich and digitally aware services for its staff, passengers and the community,” Rishi Dutta says.

Written by George Nott22 Nov. 18 19:00

Aussie cows get ‘fitness tracker’

An electronic ear tag that can track the location of livestock has been launched by CSIRO and agtech start-up Ceres Tag to help farmers keep track of where their animals are and what they are doing.

Written by George Nott20 Nov. 18 17:14

Fear and hacking on the bug bounty trail

It could be a scene from almost any city start-up office on a Friday afternoon, except the workers here have been flown in from five continents, and will eat tonight at Sydney’s most expensive restaurants before wandering back to their beds at the five star Westin hotel over the road.

Written by George Nott13 Nov. 18 10:57

AI’s most famous loser shares thoughts on its future

​Garry Kasparov is probably as famous for the thousands of matches he won during his 15 year reign as world chess champion as the one match he lost, in 1997, to IBM’s chess-playing computer ​Deep Blue​.

Written by George Nott09 Nov. 18 08:50

Google Australia workers join global walkout

​Staff at Google Australia’s headquarters in Sydney staged a walkout in protest of the company’s “workplace that doesn’t work for everyone”.

Written by George Nott02 Nov. 18 13:06

Just say no to blockchain (for now) advises Gartner

​In response no doubt to the huge amount of interest it receives from chief information officers about the technology, Gartner hosted eight sessions on blockchain at it's annual Symposium event on the Gold Coast this week.

Written by George Nott01 Nov. 18 08:08

AGL CIO 'flips the triangle' of IT function

CIO of AGL Simon Moorfield has described how he is 'flipping the triangle' of the energy giant, and disposing of roles that don't have a direct impact on customers.

Written by George Nott30 Oct. 18 13:31