Stories by George Nott

AGL seeks first company-wide CTO

AGL Energy Limited (AGL) is seeking its first group-level chief technology officer.

Written by George Nott10 June 16 14:30

UNSW Canberra plans cyber militia

“We have to be ready for those occasions when we need to take the fight to an enemy,” says professor Greg Austin.

Written by George Nott08 June 16 16:25

Sydney Water's new CIO hits reset

"We can reset the operating model in a way that we become a digital business rather than an analogue business with a digital veneer. That’s the vision."

Written by George Nott07 June 16 12:57

Odd job marketplace gets $22 million boost

​Get ready to hear a lot more about Airtasker. The start-up has raised $22 million in a second round of funding led by Seven West Media.

Written by George Nott07 June 16 10:11

ATO kills e-tax, expands myTax

The Australian Tax Office has retired its online lodgement tool e-tax and replaced it with myTax.

Written by George Nott06 June 16 16:18

'Power event' at AWS knocks out websites and services

A ‘power event’ at Amazon Web Services’ data centre in Sydney on Sunday night was to blame for hundreds of disgruntled end users unable to access websites and apps.

Written by George Nott06 June 16 11:30

Sydney Water to 'rip and replace' core systems

​Sydney Water is seeking an implementation partner to design, build and run new ERP, billing and CRM systems in a 'once in a generation investment'.

Written by George Nott06 June 16 00:01