Stories by George Nott

Click Me Maybe: Inside eHarmony's matchmaking machine

​When a user signs up to eHarmony they fill out a lengthy questionnaire about the type of person they are, their likes and dislikes, beliefs, values and preferences in potential partners.

Written by George Nott21 March 18 15:08

Aussie devs world’s oldest. At 29

Developers in Australia have the highest average age in the world – at 29 – according to a survey from Stack Overflow.

Written by George Nott20 March 18 12:13

QBE CIO takes redundancy in restructure

QBE Insurance ANZ CIO Tony Forward has accepted redundancy, the result of a restructure of the company’s executive.

Written by George Nott19 March 18 14:44

Govt to pilot 457 fix for tech talent

​The government to pilot visa scheme to make it easier for big business and tech start-ups to hire overseas talent for highly skilled roles.

Written by George Nott19 March 18 10:09

Does 'leaning in' really help women get ahead?

The advice often given to women in the workplace, particularly those in the tech sector, is that they should be more assertive if they want to get ahead.

Written by George Nott13 March 18 16:35

Telstra CIO John Romano exits

​Telstra’s chief information officer and executive director digitisation John Romano has departed the telco, the company has confirmed.

Written by George Nott12 March 18 15:01

Fewer women than men fear losing job to machine

The majority of employed women have little concern about the possibility of losing their job to a machine or computer, according to a University of Sydney study.

Written by George Nott08 March 18 08:00

Rambo and the machine learning models helping Sportsbet up its games

​A Netflix-style recommendation engine on steroids, a Google AdWords beater and a souped-up game simulator are among a number of machine learning models at work behind the scenes at online bookmaker Sportsbet, the company has revealed.

Written by George Nott06 March 18 10:44