Stories by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson

Mylan exec builds culture of leadership

Former CIO Michael Smith focused on succession when transforming Mylan’s IT organization. It worked — and it could continue to pay dividends.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson09 March 16 06:24

Setting IT goals and making them matter

Veteran CIO Sue Kozik uses her results-oriented leadership to change the conversation in healthcare IT.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson26 Oct. 15 23:03

Changing the IT conversation at Pfizer

CIO Jeff Keisling has led a new era of IT-business collaboration at the pharmaceutical giant, leading to breakthroughs on multiple levels.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson29 Sept. 15 23:41

Lessons learned on the journey to the CIO office

We've always been big supporters of the idea that, when it comes to being a CIO, what got you here won't keep you here. Still, that statement has its limitations: No, talking up your technical know-how won't win you points in the C-suite, but many of the investments made during the leadership journey can pay big dividends at the executive level.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson18 July 15 02:17