Stories by Sarah K. White

Recruiting elusive unicorn digital talent

Finding the right talent in the tech industry can get competitive -- especially for ‘digital unicorns,’ who help companies leverage their business success.

Written by Sarah K. White05 Sept. 16 22:53

5 products leading the enterprise mobile management pack

Companies are moving towards an enterprise mobile management strategy in order to keep up with the increasing demands and risks of a mobile workforce. Here are five companies that, according to Gartner, are leaders in the EMM market.

Written by Sarah K. White23 Aug. 16 20:13

How to get your network and security teams working together

Your network and security teams may have different goals and objectives, but as networks grow more complex, it’s time to get these two teams on the same page to help avoid miscommunication around security threats.

Written by Sarah K. White22 Aug. 16 18:46

Microsoft Surface rumor roundup

What are the chances we'll see a Surface smartphone or desktop device alongside the next Surface Pro and Surface Book? If you believe the rumors, the chances are good.

Written by Sarah K. White18 Aug. 16 23:57

7 top apps for sharing large files

Never again have an email kicked back because it’s too large by using one of these apps aimed specifically at helping you share, edit and store oversized documents.

Written by Sarah K. White09 Aug. 16 19:33

IT Resume Makeover: Don’t try to please everyone

Writing a resume means knowing your audience. If you try to please everyone, you’ll only wind up with an unfocused and disjointed document filled with unconnected work experience and accomplishments.

Written by Sarah K. White01 Aug. 16 21:21

Samsung beefs up enterprise lineup with Notebook 7 Spin

A new Windows 10 device – that comes in two configurations -- from Samsung adds more choices for business users looking to move away from the traditional business notebook.

Written by Sarah K. White18 July 16 22:24

How to train new grads on corporate security

If you plan on hiring new grads this summer, you'll want to make sure you get them up to speed on the importance of corporate security as soon as possible -- because they aren’t as savvy as they think.

Written by Sarah K. White14 July 16 20:36

Microsoft expands its Surface Enterprise Initiative

Microsoft wants businesses to adopt the Surface lineup, and it’s adding new incentives to its enterprise program to make the hybrid devices even more appealing.

Written by Sarah K. White13 July 16 19:35

Lack of VC funding forces startups to think lean

A steady drop in venture capitalist funding has forced startups to develop new strategies to evolve their workforce -- that includes layoffs, budget cuts and a new definition of growth.

Written by Sarah K. White12 July 16 22:18

How to hire for the right big data skill set

Hiring the right data scientists, analysts and engineers can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy, you'll be able to find the great candidates in no time.

Written by Sarah K. White22 June 16 21:40

4 tips for more successful employee onboarding

Onboarding is more than a one-day orientation. It's a crucial period of time in a new-hire's career that can define the rest of his or her future with the company.

Written by Sarah K. White14 June 16 21:56