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How to get the job when you're overqualified

Most job-seekers worry about being under-qualified for a position, but what if you're overqualified? You may decide to apply for jobs for which you are overqualified for a variety of reasons. You might be looking for a change of pace, you might want to get more hands-on experience with new technology, you could be looking to spend more time with family or you may want to pursue a new degree. Oftentimes, it's because people have climbed the corporate ladder and are looking to step out of the corporate rat race, according to Jon Mazzocchi, managing director at WinterWyman.

Written by Sarah K. White02 July 15 00:55

How Twitter can help you recruit tech talent

Twitter conjures up images of funny celebrity tweets and corporate PR gaffes rather than job searching and recruiting. However, there is an emerging pool of job candidates on Twitter. In fact, 45 percent of job seekers report that they use Twitter, compared to 40 percent who use LinkedIn, according to 2014 research from JobVite. The same research also points to an increased interest in Twitter for recruitment, with 73 percent of companies reporting a focus on increasing social network recruitment.

Written by Sarah K. White25 June 15 23:51

In Pictures: 15 screen-sharing apps for easy collaboration

Need to hold a virtual meeting complete with screen sharing? Or maybe you just need to remotely access a colleague’s computer to help him with a quick fix. Here are 15 ways to get the job done -- for free.

Written by Sarah K. White23 June 15 08:24

Find your next job with the Tinder-like Switch app

It seems every new app is quickly hailed as the Uber, Spotify, or Netflix of some other industry. But with Switch, it really is the Tinder of job searching -- right down to swiping left and right to indicate your mutual interest. However, instead of swiping on potential suitors, you'll swipe left or right on potential jobs. And employers will do the same to you.

Written by Sarah K. White11 June 15 01:18

How Glassdoor's reviews help you find your dream job

People love reviews. Just look at Amazon, TripAdvisor or Yelp. And now, the public's growing desire for reviews has extended to the job search, as evidenced by Glassdoor's steady rise in popularity since its launch in 2008.

Written by Sarah K. White05 June 15 00:15

4 tips to help CEOs find their CIO soulmate

The role of a CIO involves more than overseeing the technological infrastructure of a company. A good CIO will demonstrate strong communication skills, flexibility and an ability to adapt and change. It can never be stated enough, but working in IT means you will be expected to keep up to date on changing and emerging trends in the industry.

Written by Sarah K. White02 June 15 23:40

How your employees put your organization at risk

Security is, of course, a major concern for most companies, but it's often seen as an outside threat. But it turns out that employees are one of the biggest security threats, and apparently most acknowledge their behavior is risky, according to a Blue Coat study.

Written by Sarah K. White28 May 15 23:41

Is your social media presence hurting your job search?

Social media can make or break your career. We've all heard at least one story of an employee getting fired over a Tweet or Facebook post. And when you apply to a job, most hiring managers will first turn to Google to vet your background and qualifications.

Written by Sarah K. White27 May 15 23:58

Android Auto makes debut on Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai announced yesterday that it's deploying Android Auto in its 2015 Sonata with Navigation, making it the first car manufacturer to integrate Android Auto into its vehicles.

Written by Sarah K. White27 May 15 23:58

In Pictures: 10 start-ups that are disrupting healthcare IT

Trailblazing into the healthcare marketplace, these 10 tech start-ups are bridging the gap between healthcare and technology to build a better, safer and more inclusive healthcare experience.

Written by Sarah K. White27 May 15 09:03

6 examples of effective IT resumes

Creating a compelling technology resume that stands out but more importantly illicits the type of job you're focused on requires knowing what you want and telling your story quickly, clearly and concisely in a way that highlights what you bring to the table. Whether you're an entry level IT worker, a mid-level tech employee or c-level executive, it's no easy task. There are so many nuances, it's tough to nail them all. So to help you create a resume that will get you hired and advance your IT career, we've assembled some of the greatest IT and technology resumes samples from our recurring article series the IT Resume Makeover.

Written by Sarah K. White09 May 15 01:20