Stories by Sarah K. White

How bimodal IT is helping companies hire and retain workers

Bimodal IT is a fairly new concept, but if you embrace it you can empower your workforce. With the right employees in the right work environment, risk takers and more traditional IT pros are much less likely to butt heads.

Written by Sarah K. White22 Sept. 15 14:23

Are robots really going to steal your job?

It's a common theme of science fiction, robots rise up and take over earth, leaving humans as subservient slaves to their emotionless computer chip brains. But a recent report from Forrester suggests a very different future for robots at work.

Written by Sarah K. White21 Sept. 15 15:00

What the iPad Pro needs to compete in the enterprise

Apple is feeling the heat, as Windows and Android tablets and hybrid devices start to take over a portion of the enterprise market share. But will the iPad Pro be the device of business user's dreams? Maybe, but it only if it includes a few important features.

Written by Sarah K. White09 Sept. 15 00:36

How the University of Wisconsin is closing the data science skills gap

When the University of Wisconsin asked businesses what they were looking for in employees, nearly all of them said, ‘data scientists.’ The university responded with an online data science master degree program to help bring more qualified data professionals to the job market.

Written by Sarah K. White18 Aug. 15 22:10

How tablets are changing the way people buy cars

London is home to busy streets lined with historical architecture sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. But that same gorgeous architecture leaves little room for car dealerships, which require a sprawling lot in order to store inventory. When Infiniti Retail Group U.K. considered the possible limitations of moving into a densely populated city, it wanted to change the typical car dealership experience. So they ditched the dealership and headed to the mall.

Written by Sarah K. White14 Aug. 15 23:49

7 ways creating an IT team is like building a winning NFL team

Building a successful team goes beyond hiring charismatic leaders. You need to balance strengths and weaknesses at the board room table. Kathy Harris, managing director of Harris Allied, a firms that provides executive search services, likens it to the "charismatic leaders" in the NFL. She noticed the similarities between a winning NFL team and IT team by watching her brother-in-law Franco Harris, former NFL player and Pro Football Hall of Famer, get recruited.

Written by Sarah K. White12 Aug. 15 23:26

What is holacracy and why does it work for Zappos?

Zappos made headlines in 2013 when it announced plans to transition to holacracy -- a management-free corporate structure. One of the biggest motivating factors behind Zappos' decision to restructure isn't that different from what plenty of other well-established companies are seeking: cultivating a startup culture.

Written by Sarah K. White05 Aug. 15 23:31

Electric cars: Their past, present and future

Spotting a fancy new Tesla on the road might seem novel, but electric cars are nothing new. And, of course, hybrids like the Prius dot the highways. But the emergence of electric cars dates back further than you think. The first ones go back as far as 1880, and they were common into the early 20th century.

Written by Sarah K. White01 Aug. 15 00:17

Why enterprises are embracing rogue IT

Rogue IT, a term used to describe something as commonplace as an employee bringing a smartphone to work or using a cloud-based service to back up files, exists for many reasons. Sometimes it's because the software offered by a company doesn't offer enough features -- maybe an employee can't send an attachment to a client so they turn to Gmail or Dropbox. Other times, it's simply a result of technology's place in our everyday lives -- most people don't think twice about using their smartphone on the company Wi-Fi.

Written by Sarah K. White31 July 15 06:16

7 social media mistakes job seekers must avoid

Social media can be a fun part of your day. You get to interact with friends, family and strangers -- and maybe if you're lucky, get a retweet from your favorite celebrity. But as much as you may like to put yourself out there, it can be easy to forget that your public social media accounts are just that: public.

Written by Sarah K. White24 July 15 00:15

6 tips for re-entering the workforce and competing with millennials

According to a study from The Hartford, 55 percent of Gen X workers, typically aged 32 to 46, feel their generation is ignored in the workplace, and 70 percent say that millennials, generally aged 18 to 31, are given too much attention.

Written by Sarah K. White21 July 15 00:35

Healthcare needs more IT security pros -- stat

The healthcare industry is in need of IT security experts to help manage the fast-paced growth of technology in the field. With the implementation of electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHR), data analytics, wearables, and health-monitoring devices, healthcare facilities are scrambling to catch up with the demand for staff to manage and support these technological advances.

Written by Sarah K. White09 July 15 00:46