Stories by Sarah K. White

5 tips for working with data science interns

Interns want valuable experience, and with a little effort, an internship can become just as fruitful for your department as it is for their resume. Here are five tips on how to get the best out of your data science interns.

Written by Sarah K. White26 Oct. 15 17:43

9 enterprise-ready consumer smartphones

If you need a smartphone for both personal and professional use these nine mobile devices serve double-duty.

Written by Sarah K. White23 Oct. 15 15:14

How to turn your B players into A players

It's easy to ignore the B players in your organization. After all, they're reliable, easy to work with and rarely cause issues. But you're doing your company a disservice by not coaching up these middle-of-the-road workers.

Written by Sarah K. White21 Oct. 15 14:29

5 ways to use Facebook Groups to grow your professional network

You might not know that Facebook is more than just pictures of your friends' kids and dogs. It’s also a powerful networking tool. Here are five tips for leveraging Facebook Groups to help grow your career.

Written by Sarah K. White20 Oct. 15 15:42

How to choose the right mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspots can save you when you're in a pinch and need Wi-Fi, but there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to data. Here are four tips to determine what the right mobile hotspot is for your needs.

Written by Sarah K. White09 Oct. 15 15:07

Companies need to hire IT pros – fast

While demand was down slightly, businesses still report a need for IT professionals in Q4. But candidates need to move fast, because companies are eager to fill these positions as soon as possible.

Written by Sarah K. White28 Sept. 15 14:35

Changing the whistleblower-retaliation culture

When an employee notices a major threat to the business' cybersecurity, you would think the company would want to hear about it. But more often than not, these whistleblowers suffer retaliation from their own employers.

Written by Sarah K. White24 Sept. 15 13:43

How bimodal IT is helping companies hire and retain workers

Bimodal IT is a fairly new concept, but if you embrace it you can empower your workforce. With the right employees in the right work environment, risk takers and more traditional IT pros are much less likely to butt heads.

Written by Sarah K. White22 Sept. 15 14:23

Are robots really going to steal your job?

It's a common theme of science fiction, robots rise up and take over earth, leaving humans as subservient slaves to their emotionless computer chip brains. But a recent report from Forrester suggests a very different future for robots at work.

Written by Sarah K. White21 Sept. 15 15:00

What the iPad Pro needs to compete in the enterprise

Apple is feeling the heat, as Windows and Android tablets and hybrid devices start to take over a portion of the enterprise market share. But will the iPad Pro be the device of business user's dreams? Maybe, but it only if it includes a few important features.

Written by Sarah K. White09 Sept. 15 00:36

How the University of Wisconsin is closing the data science skills gap

When the University of Wisconsin asked businesses what they were looking for in employees, nearly all of them said, ‘data scientists.’ The university responded with an online data science master degree program to help bring more qualified data professionals to the job market.

Written by Sarah K. White18 Aug. 15 22:10

How tablets are changing the way people buy cars

London is home to busy streets lined with historical architecture sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. But that same gorgeous architecture leaves little room for car dealerships, which require a sprawling lot in order to store inventory. When Infiniti Retail Group U.K. considered the possible limitations of moving into a densely populated city, it wanted to change the typical car dealership experience. So they ditched the dealership and headed to the mall.

Written by Sarah K. White14 Aug. 15 23:49