Stories by Sarah K. White

How Big Data can drive employee engagement

Big Data has reshaped businesses in many ways, and now it's even changing the way HR monitors employee engagement to improve both retention and customer satisfaction.

Written by Sarah K. White18 Jan. 16 22:21

Top 10 millennial stories of 2015

Millennials made plenty of headlines in 2015 as this much-discussed generation continued to shake up traditional corporate structures.

Written by Sarah K. White05 Jan. 16 01:13

5 reasons a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 can replace your laptop

More people are turning to tablets for work -- and there are more options than the iPad Pro. Here are five reasons why you should consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for your next work device.

Written by Sarah K. White21 Dec. 15 15:19

Detachable tablet market set for growth in 2016

Tablet shipments are down, but more people are turning to hybrid devices like the Surface Pro 4. IDC predicts that sales of these detachable devices will grow 75 percent in 2016.

Written by Sarah K. White15 Dec. 15 16:22

Your tech employees aren't happy? Here's how to fix it

Dice conducted a study of tech workers to find out what makes them the most unhappy in regards to their careers. Turns out most of it is pretty easy for employers to fix.

Written by Sarah K. White09 Dec. 15 14:53

Why you need a mobile hiring strategy

More job seekers are turning to mobile devices to find and apply for tech positions, but your job postings might get overlooked if they aren't optimized for smartphones.

Written by Sarah K. White07 Dec. 15 17:06

App claims to cut onboarding costs and time

Onboarding new employees is vital if you want them to stick around, but it's also time-consuming and expensive. Tasytt looks to eliminate some of the burden and cost associated with critical process for new employees.

Written by Sarah K. White19 Nov. 15 15:39

How to create enterprise apps employees will actually use

Enterprise apps are becoming the norm in the workplace, but too many are unappealing to employees. Here are the most important items to consider if you want to build compelling internal mobile apps.

Written by Sarah K. White17 Nov. 15 15:47

Hands-on with the Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has wanted consumers and enterprises to ditch traditional notebooks for the Surface tablets since 2012. And with the Surface Pro 4 that might finally be a realistic goal.

Written by Sarah K. White13 Nov. 15 15:05

Could Detroit become the next Silicon Valley?

Detroit might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of technology, but that's changing. Amazon recently announced plans to build corporate offices in downtown Detroit to help an already fast-growing tech industry in the Motor City.

Written by Sarah K. White05 Nov. 15 15:41

Can coding bootcamps replace a computer science degree?

Bootcamps are a great way to learn a new skill and walk away with a full portfolio and hands-on experience. But can they replace a traditional computer science degree in the eyes of employers?

Written by Sarah K. White29 Oct. 15 15:06