Stories by Kacy Zurkus

How emerging technology is changing K-12 classrooms

While students in K-12 classrooms are building robots in their makerspaces, IT professionals are building the infrastructure needed to keep up with the latest technologies in the 21st century classroom.

Written by Kacy Zurkus27 Aug. 15 16:24

The 6 best things at Campus Tech 2015

The 22nd annual education technology conference, Campus Technology 2015, took place in Boston the last week of July. It brought together some of the most influential leaders in technology for higher education and offered innovative solutions to the myriad of challenges for IT professionals, faculty, staff and students.

Written by Kacy Zurkus12 Aug. 15 00:45

Have Bug bounties finally become mainstream?

Though enterprises were once tentative about using so-called bug bounty programs to detect vulnerabilities, researchers are proving to be effective and trustworthy partners in assessing security risks.

Written by Kacy Zurkus08 Aug. 15 06:22

Consumers still don't get two-factor authentication

LAS VEGAS – Telesign, a mobile identity solutions provider, continued to educate the public about its free "Turn It On" Campaign – a step-by-step instructional guide to two-factor authentication (2FA) on some of the most visited websites – at this year's Black Hat security conference. Co-founder Ryan Disraeli says that based on Telesign's "Consumer Account Security Report," it's clear consumers want more security but don't know much – if anything – about 2FA.

Written by Kacy Zurkus07 Aug. 15 02:24

Why every CIO needs a cybersecurity attorney

Cybersecurity has long been one of the main issues keeping CIOs awake at night. Now, with the number of high-profile cyberattacks seeming to increase each month, security is haunting IT leaders during the daytime, too.

Written by Kacy Zurkus04 Aug. 15 23:30

When to outsource tech training for employees

Whether the goal is to attract new talent, retain highly qualified employees or develop an internal path to leadership, companies looking to create educational or coaching programs can either go it alone or, like most business processes these days, outsource part or all of the training function to a third-party.

Written by Kacy Zurkus22 July 15 23:31

How higher education deals with security threats

Parents have plenty of things to worry about when they send their kids off to college: money, physical safety, their happiness, empty-nest syndrome, their future. Do they now have to worry about identity theft and data security, too?

Written by Kacy Zurkus09 July 15 00:30

CIOs share their secrets to unplugging on vacation

Reconfiguring infrastructures, transitioning to the cloud and cross-training staff are some measures that CIOs and other tech executives have taken to reduce stress in the IT department and improve the business in general.

Written by Kacy Zurkus23 June 15 01:11