Stories by JD Sartain

Hello HaLow: Your guide to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s new IoT spec

The Wi-Fi Alliance recently announced a new IEEE specification, 802.11ah, developed explicitly for the Internet of Things (IoT). Dubbed HaLow (pronounced HAY-Low), it’s aimed at connecting everything in the IoT environment, from smart homes to smart cities to smart cars and any other device that can be connected to a Wi-Fi access point. Here’s what you need to know about HaLow.

Written by JD Sartain23 May 16 20:41

How IT automation put fast food maker on fast track to success

Software management solutions are about automating business and IT operational processes within a single framework, so customers can lower their cost of operations while increasing IT agility. These companies help simplify the complexity of large projects/tasks and facilitate team collaboration. Features include resource and staff management, coordinating schedules, company budgets, task assignments, and time and risk analysis.

Written by JD Sartain15 May 15 01:10

How a Hybrid IT Cloud Service Helped Findly Reach New Heights

Since 2002, when Amazon Web Services (AWS) initiated its suite of cloud-based solutions, the real-time cloud environment including managed services has become a worldwide phenomenon. It's so widely implemented, in fact, that The Channel Company publishes an exclusive list of the top 500 managed service providers every year.

Written by JD Sartain19 Feb. 15 07:54