Stories by By Bret Swanson

Opening the 5G wireless frontier

The FCC will make a crucial decision on the future of wireless networks this week.

Written by By Bret Swanson14 July 16 01:00

The Netflix neutrality farce

The company’s secret throttling of data rates undercuts the arguments it had made in supporting net neutrality

Written by By Bret Swanson08 April 16 21:00

The IoT needs more wireless spectrum

Two big waves in the wireless world are driving the need for more spectrum, the radio signals that carry data to our phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  

Written by By Bret Swanson04 June 15 08:27

The FCC's Orwellian Internet policy

President Obama's secret plan to protect the "open Internet" is locked inside the Federal Communications Commission. We don't know what's in the 322 pages, but we are told it includes a transparency rule.  

Written by By Bret Swanson26 Feb. 15 01:04

It's time for the chip-and-PIN'ing of America

Thank goodness for that signature on the back of my credit card. If it weren't for that smudged scrawl, a thief might steal my card (or card number) and make fraudulent purchases. Or steal my identity. <em>Right.</em> 

Written by By Bret Swanson05 Feb. 15 02:05

Apple v. Samsung and the road to patent sanity

When Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September, amid the "oohs" and "ahs," some of us were thinking, "Wow, these stretched iPhones look a lot like Samsung's Galaxy devices."

Written by By Bret Swanson15 Dec. 14 23:46